Ani-Crap Returns Very Soon! But What Do I Have in Store?

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If you've been keeping tabs on the blurbs from my profile, you'll see that I will be bringing back Ani-Crap Review next weekend. For those new to my contribution to Vice, this is a section where I post my thoughts on the worst offerings that anime has to offer which can consist of anything like ecchi titles, ultra-violent 80s/ 90s anime, horrible adaptations of video games and even some trash from notable figures of anime whom you may be familiar with. In most instances, I determine the next title I cover through a poll where I leave it up to members of this forum to determine what I will rip apart for my next review with a listing of ten titles featuring five recent duds and five older duds.

This will be my last run that I plan to do with Ani-Crap Review as I am starting to get to the point where I'm probably gonna settle down on my regular load of anime offerings. I'm hoping to push up to 50 reviews, but I'm not gonna make any guarantees depending on how long I can push things with my viewing. But at the very least, I have a few things I plan to definitely cover before I have my swan song from Ani-Crap all together. Here are the definite plans I have to cover for my upcoming run of Ani-Crap:

  • Holiday-Themed Crap (Weekend of December 6)- For my return, I will cover a rare instance of an anime that is Christmas-themed yet not very joyful with its offerings. Anyone familiar with harem anime will likely be familiar with this dud as it was made from one of the notable creators of harem titles.
  • Year End Garbage (Weekend of December 20)- What better way to commemorate the end of 2013 by covering one of this year's notable duds for anime. I will have a poll posted following my Holiday-Themed Crap review where you will get to vote among 10 notable anime duds from this year and you get to vote on what one you want me to rip apart to conclude 2013.
  • Adult Swim Month (February 2014)- Many anime fans think of Adult Swim as being one of our gateway drugs into the world of anime with offerings like Cowboy Bebop, Trigun and Fullmetal Alchemist. However, not even the block was safe from airing the occasional dud that the folks at Cartoon Network neglected to question any worthwhile quality with. For three straight weekends in February, I will be covering three notable duds that fans were unfortunate to see get broadcast into their TV screens as I will cover Pilot Candidate, Reign the Conqueror and The Super Milk-chan Show.

That's all I have to present, for now. I'll be seeing folks next weekend in my return of Ani-Crap Review.

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Looking forward to the Adult Swim Month. I had to sneak out at night to watch Adult Swim when I was in middle school. I didn't have cable, and I had to sneak in my neighbor's house to watch in the middle of night.

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