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Previous Reviews: 
KissxSis TV 
Manyuu Hikenchou 
Master of Martial Hearts 
Samurai Shodown 
MD Geist 
Seikon no Qwaser 
Up above, I have my past Ani-Crap reviews for those who would like to look at them. Otherwise, here are the ten new duds that you get to pick for me to choose for my next review: 
1. Wolverine 
2. Art of Fighting 
3. Isshoni Sleeping: Sleeping with Hinako 
4. Junk Boy 
5. Senki Zesshou Symphogear 
6. Pilot Candidate 
7. Gyo 
8. Sword for Truth 
9. The Epic of Zektbach 
10. Psychic Wars 
With how much Seikon no Qwaser tested my tolerance, I'm taking a break from seeing long length crappy ecchi titles for this poll. Still though, I still have some duds from the previous poll up for anyone who wants me to rip them apart. I have decided to shorten the length of voting down to two weeks now for polls. So you have until August 30 to vote on which of these titles you want me to watch and review. Like last time, you must post which title you will vote for. So go ahead and vote on whichever dud you want me to watch and review. 
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Sleeping with Hanako

Post by Wraith (380 posts) See mini bio Level 17

Question: do you have a dvd copy of Sleeping of Hinako or a fansub of it? because there's actually a difference between the two

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@Wraith: What kind of difference? And I would obviously be getting a fansub of it.
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I've already talked about Pilot Candidate, so I'll skip rehashing my memory of that, but I watched Wolverine recently and quite enjoyed it. I have never been a fan of the character in Marveldom, but out of the 3 Marvel animes I've seen, the Wolverine one was by far the best. It didn't do anything original or unconventional, but for a basic action show it worked. The Iron Man series was spotty in telling its story and too convenient when finding resolutions. The X-Men was messier and didn't make a hell of a lot of sense. It also changed some characters in both appearance and mannerism. Moe-acting Storm just didn't fit with me.

I've seen the fan dub of Sleeping with Hinako and there really isn't anything to it. It's the anime equivalent of sugar-free cotton candy. So, it gets my vote.

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My Vote for Gyo, I had such high hopes for it, which rapidly faded away as i watched the first couple of PVs. Still not as bad as some people make it seem.

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I vote for Sleeping with Hanako

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@Dream: From what I remember reading about it, the DVD copy just plays randomly scenes as long as it stays in the DVD player. The fansub does something different, so your not getting the proper experience

Here's a comment from a Sleeping with Hinako review

Well, the problem with the fansub is that it voids the DVD/BD filesystem structure, and you get a 45 minute straight video with al the sequences in order and without repetitions.

The original DVD/BD actually lets you choose between fast asleep and uneasy sleep modes, and a 6 hour or an 8 hour sequence (it does that by looping little segments and camera angles at random intervals, like the Beckham exhibit) and the nightmare sequences and other "special" events are scattered randomly through the night (and sometimes they don't appear at all). At the end of the 6/8 hour cycle she wakes you up.

The idea of the whole thing is that you put the video and watch her as YOU go to sleep, and if you wake up in the middle of the night, she's still sleeping at your side (or in front of you, depending on your TV setup)... I bet many guys are getting early to bed but not precisely to sleep.

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@Wraith: Unique little setup. Still, I'm only planning to watch all the 45 minutes that consist of the OVA if it gets voted.
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I vote for Sword for Truth, can't believe I actually liked it at one point. But I was young then not as wise as I am now.
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Online Now

I vote for Psychic Wars

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I'm gonna bump this up now since I'm gonna have a somewhat busy day tomorrow. There's a week left to go in voting. Here are current poll results: 
1. Sleeping With Hinako = 3 votes 
2. Gyo, Sword for Truth and Psychic Wars = 1 vote each 
5. Everything else (Wolverine, Art of Fighting, Junk Boy, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, Pilot Candidate and The Epic of Zektbach) = no votes 
Otherwise, feel free to continue voting until next Thursday.
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My bad, I totally forgot. I go with Sleeping Hinako since I have never heard of it and how everyone else is so fond of its weird purpose.

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forgot to vote for this, might as well go with Sleeping with Hinako

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Bumping this up yet again. Four days left to go in voting for what dud you wish for me to watch and review. Other than Sleeping with Hinako gaining two more votes, no major changes have occurred with placings. I'll post here again on Wednesday as a last-minute call for folks to make votes unless no one else votes by that time.
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My vote goes to Sleeping with Hinako. Sounds like a Hentai gone completely wrong...

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While it does look like the anime of choice in this poll is inevitable at this point, I'm still gonna bump this up one final time. I will allow voting to continue for this poll until tomorrow afternoon at 3. Whichever dud has the most votes by that time will be the one I watch and review.
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@Dream: Looks like more ecchi fanservice coming your way.
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It's close to 3 now from my neck of the woods and there have been no new votes since Monday, so I guess it's time to end voting. Sleeping with Hinako will be the next dud I watch and cover for my next Ani-Crap blog posting. Shouldn't take me as long as Seikon no Qwaser to plow through, so I should be able to get through it and post something for it sometime tonight.
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