Ani-crap #28 joint review followup: Bible Black

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As the title somewhat implies this is a much belated review from ani-crap #28:

In which I agreed to attempt to watch and review Bible Black as a joint anicrap review.

I had a trip coming up at the time so I didn't have time to immediately put this together...

Now the review is based on 2 episodes of the OVA... and the reason for that is something Ill elaborate on as I deal with the review...

Bible Black: Fast Synopsis

Bible black is a hentai title produced by milky studio is the third installment of the OVA franchise... It's set quite some time after the events of the previous OVA releases with may of the former girls of the witch craft club having graduated and made their way in the world. The wtch craft club however gets a reboot by Saeki with a new crew of girls and the world of Bible Black comes to fruition..

More info on the series is here on wikipedia:

Why it sucks

For this review, the meat of things is going to be my personal experience with the series.... and explaining why it sucks!!!! Let me first begin by saying that as expected of hentai titles of the genre, the gratuitous sex scenes are common and hard hitting. If you're not a hentai fan this is obviously not a series for you. But this series makes me question whether it's even watchable for regular hentai fans. Don't get me wrong I'm sure there's fans of the series that might point out otherwise, but from my standpoint, what I saw in the series as far as I got was nothing short of pure unadulterated depravity.

The series practically went through different erotic/depraved acts almost like a punch list... some of which I'm unsure I could mention directly without violating the ToS. Ranging from girls that were all but too eager to take it "both" ways...

This ain't just your normal romantic night at the school roof top!!!!
This ain't just your normal romantic night at the school roof top!!!! random scenes of a lab guy doing exchanges off the desk while talking about the Lance of a group of occult bank robbers that ran their performances using two types of "shotguns" in every manner their imagination could take them, to the point when triggering the "shotgun" kills one of the women during a mass rape scene. Literally... death by shotgun... err I'll leave the details to imagination. THEN following that we get to witness an impromptu ceremony with one of the occult criminals... which brings us the ever familiar super natural hermaphrodite possession and neck breakage.... The second episode pretty much adds to the "punchlist of depravity" by adding groups sessions and finally what I can best describe as a nod (or precursor depending on the timing) of the infamous youtube videos that generates scores of reaction vids much like this one:

To put it simply... for whatever plot this title has... most of my attention was grasped around every moment this puppy tried to find to provide some sort of erotic play. The aforementioned reference I made pretty killed my enthusiasm to try and finish it. Most times, I prefer to see things through before I leave an impression them... in this case I felt I saw enough after just a couple of episodes... If you're not into the sometimes very hard hitting and somewhat gruesome nature of this title, save your sanity and pass on the opportunity to watch it. It's one thing to be about hentai if it's seriously not interested in anything else, but it's another matter for me when it basically uses its plot as a backdrop to put eroticism in a petri dish (sp?) to try out and exhibit some of the darkest depths of human nature.

At the end of the day though Bible Black represents something of an easy target given that there's a large swath of hentai titles that basically crap for the sake that they only do it for the gratuitous anime pr0n, and I generally avoid them. The likes of Kite and Mezzo Forte are examples of "hentai" titles that have shown a capability to be serious about a plot or at the very least not draw an overabundance of attention to their erotic aspects. Bible Black however sets a high bar for "craptastic" in the hentai field, many thanks to it's habit of incorporating doses of guro and rape mentality into the scene.

That's the rundown... this is a series best left only to those prepared and knowing what they're in for to have a watch

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Surprised you survived this longer than my stomach could. :P

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What can I say.... With a punch list like Bible Blacks' it was only a matter of time before it hit just the right note to break me .-.

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@Yuno_Shiki: Did you watch The original Bible Black or New Testament? New Testament was pretty crappy compared to the original.

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@Sonata: Beyond the new testament OVA I really haven't had much exposure to the series. In 2006 I saw one of the famous tentacle rape scenes that the series is known for but I don't remember which of the OVA's it's from... (I thought it was this one but skimming through the other episodes I didn't see it).

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