Angelic Layer: Battling for Girls

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In this world of wonderful Anime, at least in North America, we seem to be overly flooded with tails of boys (loose use of the term I know) Battling mostly in arena style competitions, normally using cards, tops, (yes those spinney things) along with other things that are boring but supposedly seems less boring when flashy animation and catchy theme music is added.
Now thanks to a blog posting from Anime Vice which can be found here, I have located, watched, and am semi interested into an Anime called Battle Doll Angelic Layer, which seems to have directed this stereotype of male dominant "toy" battling Anime series into something targeted at the female demographic.
Ok, first a brief (uber brief) description of the series
Based on a Manga (really what Anime now a days isn't)
Features a young girl who basically falls in love with this televised battle game, called, now brace yourselves, Angelic Layer! I know, I am totally shocked. Anyway, the story then fallows her love for the game, and battling, her journey into becoming a true competitor. But it mostly focuses on the relationships she builds with all those who she comes in contact with, a real moral filled adventure.

Honestly, the series reminds me a lot of the video game series CustomRobo, just more directed and girls then guys. I mean really, Angelic Layer features little toys that can battle each other, piloted by the owners, using thier minds, and they can build and customize these toys by buying parts and accessories. Just in this series case, they are called dolls and not Robo's though they seem pretty robotic to me, but that is just my humble opinion.

Anyway its not bad, a little dry in parts, but the animation is crisp and enjoyable, especially during the battles. I strongly suggest it, and since it is legally free on the Anime Networks site, found here, I say you have little to no excuse. If you prefer, like myself, to watch Anime subbed (friends don't let friends watch dubs) I suggest you go to The Angelic Layer page can be found here

Oh God, that post was so close to being a review *bites nails* sooooo close... that is BAD!!
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