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Sometimes anime amaze me. They amaze me in ways that is hard for me to even describe. First it was Ghost in the shell and FMA and now it is Death Note.

I saw an episode of Death Note on Adult Swim one night and I really liked it. Since I knew I was not going to be able to see every episode on AS I decided to start renting them from Netflix. I just finished watching disc 3 (which would be thru episode 12 I think) and I am blown away. I thought the show would be good but each episode seems to keep getting better and better. Each time I finish a disc I can't wait for the next. 

So that brings me to the real point of this post. I am amazed how much better anime is than north american animation. Ok, if you want something funny I suggest something made in america (though I haven't seen a lot of "comedy animes") but everything else seems sub-par when compared to the Japanese. Like how does a show with basically no action, like Death Note, entertain me more than any animation or cartoon from north america like south park? Hell, it entertains me more than some live-action  action movies. I just watched 007 Quantum of Solace and I liked it but I would easily choose to watch Death Note, or any of those others I mentioned, before 007. I think animators here in America should be ashamed that the can't create anything half as good as these shows.

It also amazes me how consistently good these shows are. First I watched GITS:SAC and loved it but I thought nothing else ever could be this good until I watched FMA. After I watched that all the way through I thought I had seen the best thing ever created but now Death Note is shaping up to be as good or better, unless maybe it gets worse towards the end, which I pray doesn't happen.

I wish more people would watch this stuff because it is so good. I know some people who would probably love it but wouldn't watch it because it's a "cartoon" or "weird anime".

There is a lot of questions I have about Death Note but if they were answered the show might be ruined for me but I do have one kind of weird question that I don't think would spoil anything. Why does peoples hair colors, especially Light's, change colors sometimes? His changes red. Is it just an effect or does it have some sort of meaning?

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Frankly, a lot of the adult-oriented cartoons (err... if you wish to label South Park, the Simpsons, and stuff like that) are just cheap comedies that parody recent events. Sure, they may give a chuckle now and then but they don't make me laugh aloud where I'm bursting laughing.

But I do have to disagree that all anime from Japan is "OMG awesome!" I believe you are getting the "good" anime that gets licensed and seen on DVD here in North America. There are plenty of bad anime as there are good (well actually there's probably more bad than good) it's just that we normally get the good series brought here. Of course there'd be some licensed series that's not par with other series but I digress. We're just attuned to seeing the better series because they tend to get licensed thus we have are "woah"ed by anime compared to American stuff.

As for your DN question, that could purely be a symbolic thing. I only read the manga so I wouldn't know about the anime but usually color changes is due to some type of symbolism for the scene. Red can connotate his change of behavior from an average student to a cold-blooded murderer. Just speculation here.
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I guess it's like America. There is thousands of cartoons but only a handful of them are good. That is actually why I am hesitant in watching new anime series, I'm afraid I won't like it as much as others I've seen.  Does anyone have suggestions on other good shows I might like? I'd appreciate it.

I know not all shows are as good as the ones I've been watching but even if there was only 1 or 2 good anime series ever made it would still be more than the number of awesome, serious cartoon shows we've made here. Seriously, I can't think of any. Well, one comes to mind, Samurai Jack. Look what happened to that show, canceled after 1, maybe 2 seasons. It just feels like most of america thinks it's impossible to tell a interesting and exciting story using animation.

Anyways, I just watched the episode of DN (**spoilers maybe!**) where Light gives up both death notes. How is the show gonna be as interesting if he isn't Kira? Hmm, hopefully it will still be exciting somehow.
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Samurai Jack got four seasons, though they were fairly short and totaling up to 52 episodes. Still pretty good. If you want a more recent example, GI Joe Resolute is all kinds of serious awesomeness.
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gurren lagann, ghost in the shell, gundam 00 are the one's that amaze me!
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