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Topic started by BoG on April 19, 2009. Last post by HeeroYuy 5 years, 10 months ago.
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So, I'm pretty bored lately. I've decided it's about time I watched another anime. I'm not really into anime, so I'm asking for your help.
The only anime I've ever really seen is Cowboy Bebop, and I've seen every single episode. I really enjoyed the series. 
Taking that in to consideration, what do you guys think I would like? I'm looking for something with a good story primarily. I never really got into stuff like DBZ, etc.
Help me out?
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Well there Neon Genesis Evangelion, everyone that start watch anime watch that show. oh there also a movie for "Cowboy Bebop: knocking on Heaven Door" or "Cowboy Bebop the movie" as it know in the states.
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There has been a thread like before, but if I had to recommend something Black Lagoon may be interesting to you
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You might get more suggestions if you put something like "I need help finding a Cowboy Bebop-like anime" in the subject line of your post.  Lots of people will just skim right over a general request for help.
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I suggest Death Note if you want a series for an interesting story and Code Geass if you want a story that is all over the place and all kinds of crazy awesome.
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Fullmetal Alchemist will give you the edge
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FMA and Death Note.
If you're looking for something less serious, try out Gurren Lagan.
And -1 vote for Code Geass.
Post by HeeroYuy (1,210 posts) See mini bio Level 12
If you like Cowboy Bebop because of the action, then Black Lagoon is a very safe bet. Two of my roommates who don't even like anime enjoyed watching it because of it's mix of crazy antics yet serious and engaging setting.
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