A good anime to watch?

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I really would like to watch another anime, but I'm not sure which ones are best.

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@YukaTA: Pick something from this list. You're welcome.

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@YukaTA: You won't heed my words, rightly so because I probably wouldn't heed them in your shoes either, but rather than start with the best you might be better off starting with stuff that likes 3/5 then work your way up. If you're new to anime then the differentness of it all will make those 3/5 feel like 4s and 5s and you'll actually be able to work your way up to stuff that even better than before. If you start with the best, there's only one direction that the quality will go.

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M: if your new I would start with the universal classics like .hack//sign but if you've been at it and want something just new speed graphers good but without knowing your tastes I have no idea, you can read my reviews if it might help.

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If you liked Blue Exorcist, you might want to check out Beelzebub and Black Cat. There are elements in those series that are similar to those themes found in Blue Exorcist. Another possible show is A Certain Magical Index (seasons 1 & 2) and A Certain Scientific Railgun which takes place before and during season 1 of Magical Index. I am hesitant to recommend Index though because it contains some lowbrow humor and a few loli characters (especially in season 2). Beelzebub, Black Cat and Magic Index Season 1 can be found on Hulu, if you want to check them out. Demon King Daimao is another on Hulu that is similar to Blue Exorcist, but it too has some lewd content and nudity, so not knowing where you stand on that stuff, I feel I should mention it.

Since you also like Ouran High School and Strawberry Marshmallow, you might like slice-of-life comedies. I'd recommend Lucky Star and Hanamaru Kindergarten which can be found on Crunchyroll. For straight-up comedy, Mitsudomoe can be found there, too. I'd also recommend Tantei Opera Milky Holmes if you're looking for something lighthearted and silly.

If you're new to anime, I recommend look at genre lists and using the tag search on AnimeNewsNetwork to find titles that appeal to your specific interests. As you become more comfortable and educated with the art form, expand out from what's familiar and sample other types of shows. There could be some amazing stuff out there that you'd never have known without taking a chance. Oh, and expect more mediocrity than good overall, but don't don't lose your head over that fact. It's true of any entertainment medium.

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Watch Nurarihyon no Mago

you won't regret it if you like a bit of shounen/fantasy/supernatural

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My suggestion would be to watch one anime from all the main genres.
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Judging from your list, you have a blend of shonen and shoujo anime.

Oh, PenguinDust beat me to it.

Fine, I recommend Sket Dance if you like Slice of Life and a Gintama-like yet more younger comedy. For Shoujo, I recommend Azumanga Daioh that centers around Chiyo and her friends during their high school years. It's a comedic slice of life that shows the characters growing up and eventually hitting college.


I forgot to include Fullmetal Alchemist, but you have to pick between the 1st or the Brotherhood series. The 1st series ended with a movie that did not follow the manga while the Brotherhood series follow the manga closely. However, the Brotherhood series skips a lot after episode 15 or so. I say watch the first 15 episodes of the first series then switch to Brotherhood. Though, I have to check the synopsis to confirm it.

Is there anyone a Fullmetal Alchemist expert here?

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@takashichea: @Mousse_Gallon: @ohgodwhy: @PenguinDust: @Elfenlied1012: @sickVisionz: @DocHaus:

Thank you very much! I will see which ones I might watch, thank you again!

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