A Web Manga...On Twitter?

Topic started by gia on April 30, 2010. Last post by ArtistBettyAnne 4 years, 11 months ago.
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Stumbled upon this via anime!anime!: a new manga called Wonder Comic, which is being serialized online. Nothing new there, but this one is being serialized via Twitter.

Basically the way it works is that each panel is posted to Twitter via TwitPic, and any dialogue, narration, or thought bubble text is posted with it.

It's kind of a neat concept. I confess it doesn't make for very good reading right here, on a full computer, because there's no way to browse through continuously. And frankly, that would make it hard to play with even on a smart phone, I think. But for phones that can handle Twitter and TwitPic but not much else, it's kind of a cool concept; in theory you can be notified immediately when new panels (or groups of panels-- the first 16 were posted earlier this morning) are posted.

That said, I'm not sure how easy it would be to get into something browsed that way. If TwitPic had some kind of "next photo" or slideshow option, on the other hand, it would seem a lot more feasible to me.

Now, this manga is in Japanese, of course, but if it was in English would you guys be checking it out?     
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hmmm.... very interesting.
i wonder if any westerner will catch on the concept..
Post by ShadowKnight508 (5,358 posts) See mini bio Level 19
Hmm...that seems like a great idea on paper, but I am not so sure that this will catch on over here like what Halberdierv2 said. (I admit, I will check it out when it comes to the USA in English format to see how it works).
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The viral and community aspect sounds cool, but wouldn't that be a pain to actually browse and use?
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What would make it hard is it to browse it sequentially? Give it a group of its own in Tweetsuite or Twithive and ... uh, click each twitpic in turn? 
But it probably would be better as an additional option to a webcomic than as the only way to view it.
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I use the Echofon Twitter app on my iPhone and it is easy enough to go back and forth through tweets. I agree that TwitPic could use a 'Next' and 'Previous' button. I like this idea, too.

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Wait so where do you see them? What's the twitter account?
Post by ShadowKnight508 (5,358 posts) See mini bio Level 19
@Brenderous said:
" Wait so where do you see them? What's the twitter account? "
Good question...I will try to look that up.
Post by bustajibb (51 posts) See mini bio Level 11
I remeber an "author", and I use that word loosely here, decided to write a novel like this just after twitter started.  He wrote the first sentence or two and then someone would follow by tweeting him with the next line, and so on and so on. 
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go for it
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I could see how this could be an interesting concept, though no, I think I wouldn't get into it too much. Well, at least for anything other than novelty.
Post by ArtistBettyAnne (1 posts) See mini bio Level 2
Dude, I would SO be all over that! In fact, I want to be all over that in Japanese...anyone find the link or Twitter name yet?
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