A New Koizumi Appears...?

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Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi might not have always been the most popular politician while in office, but he's an immensely well-known figure both in Japan and out. An Elvis fan with a unique hairdo stands out anywhere.

Not to mention he'll be starring in a new anime that looks MIGHTY EPIC, GUYS.
Shinjiro Koizumi, Heir Apparent
Shinjiro Koizumi, Heir Apparent
Anyway, Koizumi has reportedly passed his seat in Japan's parliament on to his 28-year-old (and, I have to say, pretty good-lookin') son Shinjiro Koizumi. The younger Koizumi has actually worked in Washington D.C. as well as serving as an aide to his dad. He graduated from a university near Tokyo but obtained a Masters from Columbia University.

Katsuhito Yokokume, Rival, Babyface
Katsuhito Yokokume, Rival, Babyface
So, he sounds (and, again, looks!) pretty good to an audience outside of Japan. But inside Japan his appearance in the political realm is a bit shocking: Junichiro Koizumi swore up and down he was going to "destroy" the old ways of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, which political dynasties like his own is one of. (Shinjiro will be the fourth Koizumi generation to enter politics.)

Still, it's clear that Shinjiro has at least had reasonable political training, unlike certain former presidents prior to their becoming governor of a large state. Being young might not hurt when it comes to the youth vote, too.

Shinjiro's rival Katsuhito Yokokume, however, is also young at 27, and started campaigning some nine months earlier than Shinjiro did, so it's not clear whether Shinjiro's family ties will win him the seat...but political analysts in japan reportedly think so.
So what do you guys think? Cutie-Patootie Koizumi, or Babyface Yokokume? And why do I suddenly feel like someone's going to publish some yaoi doujinshi of these two?
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Huh. He IS kinda cute. 
And now I kind of want to draw that doujinshi, just for lulz.
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If this was the setup for a manga series I'd definetly read it. 
Also IMO Hair comes before Babyface (It's awwwwwwright!) so I'd be voting Koizumi.
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It seems they want there own version of Obama sooner rather than later.
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I think Katsuhito should stick to bringing me my tea, for now.
Plus, that Koizumi is some pretty stuff. He can appear on my TV every evening talking about any kind of boring government crap he wants.
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His secret technique will be putting his face uncomfortably close to his opponents.
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