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Did I seriously just watch an entire episode about a rival hunter trying, and repeatedly failing, to trick his competitors into drinking laxative-laced soda? Isn’t this iteration of HUNTER X HUNTER supposed to be like FMA: BROTHERHOOD (in that it’s presumably tightening the pacing of the previous series)?

Y’know, I’m not sure if I even necessarily object to this. From an ironic, removed perspective, there’s a wonderful kind of inanity to appreciate in a shonen adventure taking such a long pit stop over such a banal act of villainy. Why, it’s like having an another whole episode about another rival who insistently doesn’t wash his hands after going to the bath room - - and Gon has to evade getting touched by his grossness! Certainly, these are relatable kinds of unpleasantness. We don’t WANT to see Gon getting germ-ed up or hosing the ol’ Hershey highway, so there’s instant sympathy here.

Again, I can’t help feeling like this series was borne out of some bet Togashi made about whether he could hook an audience with only storytelling tricks, and not anything that actually sounds exciting on paper. I mean, despite all my grumbling, I’m still rooting for Gon when he thwarts this baddy with his nigh-superhuman sense of mountain-tested taste. And likewise, the white-haired kid ‘gets over’ immediately with me when his intro’s coupled with him being so cooly immune to this poisonous attack. Like some karate master who insists on you waxing floors for hours, Togashi knows what he doing, and I guess he knows the value of putting the audience through such a seemingly mundane stretch so as to make sure they’re properly empathizing with... the heroes… and… and...

No. Enough ironic, removed relativism today. I’ll still be back for the next episode, but this one was silly and overlong. Twenty odd minutes devoted to orange soda with a mickey. That’s plain ridiculous.

Watch this episode, Rivals x in x Survival" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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This show has the exact same cough "problem" as One Piece, it takes a while for things to really get going in the first 15 - 20 episodes but wisely uses that time to lay down the solid foundations for the rest of the show

I gotta ask Tom and not in a sarcastic way can you see how most of the better anime series take a while to get things going and then keep a better momentum over the long haul......i mean even your recent DBZ writeups show there can be something said for having fillers and building tension.

A few other members mentioned you may drop this like the startings of One Piece (which i completely understand btw)

Just heed the warnings about the slow pace at the's worth it in the long run.....if ya can stick with it or maybe do multiple eps at a time maybe?

I am very weary for shows that start off gunz-a-blazing as they usually can't keep things consistent and end up with major plotholes / issues

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While i haven't seen this episode in a while, I'm pretty sure this episode is there to introduce all the major players who will have bigger roles in the upcoming episodes.

Also Tom you may laugh at the pace but let me remind you that by the third episode, they were still in the ship from the first episode. That's right, if you want to go by the first series, then we would've been in episode 6 when they arrived to this part. Also if you're gonna compare this to Yu Yu Hakusho, then HxH beats it easily. I mean Yu Yu Hakusho spirals down by the 3rd arc while HxH starts rival FMA by the 3rd arc.

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This is one of the episodes i liked just for the things here Tom didnt like.Every now an again a hook should be thrown .This one episode reminded me of a friend who was a watress.She warned me when you eat out an the waiter has visine in their shirt pockets be sure to be extra nice or just leave.Same kind of " villainy" this one used they can to with just a few drops.

This one sets up some players well to.As well as how dirty things to come are.

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Tom, I don't like to post but I do have a thing were I will watch the same show you watch, as soon as you start watching it. The difference is I do about 3 episodes a day. I have to agree with everyone here that the show is a little slow in the beginning. Some serious shenanigans go down in the show later on. I hope you continue on.

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I have a feeling Tom's feeling for this show will change drastically once he finish yorkshin arc.

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It may be ridiculous and overlong but it seemed to work for you!

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