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All the while, as I’ve been waxing rhapsodic about YU YU HAKUSHO, you lunatics have been asking met to check out this - - one of Togashi’s other major creations. Two occurrences don’t make a trend, so I won’t get carried away with trying to make any deep insights into the guy’s artistic ethos, but as a base observation, I can say that both of these shows don’t waste any time getting down to business.

(Also, Togashi seems to prefer green onesies for his leads. Gon really looks like a younger Yusuke with a pound of hair gel).

You all know about my distaste for shows that don’t “get good” until episode 8. I have even greater disinterest in the sort of boring, “everyday life” scenes we often have to trudge through in order to supposedly gain sympathy for young protagonists. Just as Yusuke was immediately placed in the predicament of trying to escape the afterlife, young Gon here immediately pulls off a larger-than-life fishing feat which sets him right out on the perilous path of becoming a capital-H Hunter. Considering how he’s already formed what seems to be 3/4ths of his typical shonen “frenemy” band, I really feel like Togashi does us the courtesy of cutting through several episodes of needless set-up we all could predict, anyway.

That said, in comparison to HAKUSHO’s opener, this pilot really doesn’t end on that compelling of a cliffhanger. Gon’s made friends and impressed the ship captain with his sea worthiness - - great, for him! I don't necessarily need to tune in next week, do I?

Yeah, not every show needs to have constantly-high levels of conflict. However, if we’re getting down into the minute specifics of what makes a show work - - and this column’s all about minute specifics, no? - - it’s worth nothing that HAKUSHO #1 ended with a tantalizing-unresolved situation that made me want to watch #2 immediately. This, though? I enjoyed it well enough, but it easily could be a stand-alone and I wouldn’t lose any sleep wondering what lied next for the plucky crew.

Watch this episode, "Departure x And x Friends" here and decide for yourself.

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You really can't have any idea where this is gonna go from episode 1, mostly because I think episode 1 of this remake (the previous anime from 1999 did this stuff in like 2 or 3 episodes) isn't that great and kinda rushed. And I know you have a problem with shows "getting good" but this show has been consistently high quality for a long while now and in my mind might be better than YYH in a lot of ways, after it gets over its initial speedbumps regarding heavy censorship due to its time slot(which starts to lessen in the 20's and is pretty much gone by the 40's), and some rather poor music direction. But it's worked really hard to making up for those issues.

From the start you probably think Gon is gonna be like a lot of stereotypical 12 year old shonen protags (like say...Naruto), but Gon does stand out from them, and his friendship with a later character is really one of the most interesting character relationships in shonen. HxH is really interesting and there's a lot of depth to characters, even seemingly shallow-at-first ones like Gon. It's a series where being smarter than your opponent will almost always be better than being smarter. It's really hard to describe just what makes it special without spoiling much later events.

Also so much of early Naruto was "inspired" by HxH it's almost silly.

I could gush about it forever since it's my current love along with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, both older Shonen Jump series getting a new anime.

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As a fan of Hunter X Hunter I can promise you that you need to watch a few more episodes before giving up on this one. Where the series ends up is nowhere near what one would expect from the beginning. Kinda like how Dragon Ball ended up like Dragon Ball Z.

HxH is one I think you should stick with, Tom. I recommend it.

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This show takes a while to deliver for me. It's gets very tournament/competition heavy for a while. Like the Chunin Exam from Naruto but dragged out more and not as interesting until the very very end... then it immediately jumps into another tournament which also isn't all that interesting until the very very end.

HxH was one of my favorite series this year but it takes about 15 or 20 episodes before it starts paying off and giving signs that some really good stuff is on the way and it's not until the 50s that it really starts delivering that on a regular basis imo.

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I stoped watching around when the vamp like assisin had to be saved from his faimly or something.Other anime lured me away .Now that winter 2013 looks like it have way fewer titles for me to want to watch maybe ill go back.

Show gets alot more darker an bloody than i expected tho.Most of the time thats a good thing.But eh.. a solid might maybe possibly look again.. could be sorta thing .

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