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Sorry for the lengthy delay. In part because of the disaster in Japan (the image of the wave coming inland has been burned into my mind) and because of a suddenly busier personal life, I had neither the time nor desire to review episodes the last few days. And before I go any farther, I'd just like to say how grateful I am that none of my Japanese friends have lost family members to the earthquake or tsunami, and my thoughts and prayers go out to those in morning tonight. 
This experience will give me a vastly different lens through which I view the series.  


Looks like the cast is coming together. From the opening, I only see a little girl that we haven't met yet. 
Kicking soooo much undead ass
Kicking soooo much undead ass
Well Rei sure got over watching her boy-toy quickly. She spends a whole two minutes in a relatively peaceful place before trying to call daddy and breaking down again. Distractingly odd, but I suppose all characters deal in their own way. A more understandable freakout was that of our pink-haired genius princess, Takagi I believe? While her constant berating of her protector was irritating, seeing her test the zombies' senses was a very "Zombie Survival Guide" moment. And then she had her own little breakdown. And it was pretty emotional.  
"Samurai girl Saeko" as I call her, kicks so much ass. She ends zombies with one blow of her wooden sword, and does it so well that she finds most of the zombies to be beneath her (aka doesn't bother killing them). She could very quickly become a favorite of mine. 
From a zombie defense standpoint, I'm not positive that leaving is a great idea. Sure, the school is overrun with the undead, but at least they're in a gated community, meaning there won't be many NEW zombies appearing. How many people are there in a typical high school at any given time? A few thousand? By staying you get the opportunity to find more survivors and bunker in against a set number of opponents, rather than an endless horde. By leaving, you're cramping yourself in a small, nearly defenseless room that requires fuel to keep you safe. And where do you plan on going? they're making the same mistake Simon Pegg and Nick Frost did in Shawn of the Dead. At least, thats how I see it.  
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