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Interesting thing about X: The Movie, and which probably contributed to its train wreck factor - the film started production the same time CLAMP started working on the manga, meaning that the people working on the film knew about as much as where the story was going as the audience did at any given moment.

EDIT: Though, as an aside, with that in mind, it's impressive that they nailed the theme (at least in the early parts of the manga) of characters cradling the severed heads of other characters in their hands in the film.

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Highschool of the Dead is actually pretty popular but Tatami Galaxy is definitely underrated and it a show that will be hard to put on physical release.

Inorder to get in to Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece you must had seen it when it first came out so it understandable for not getting in to them.

I wont say much about Hetalia Axis Powers, whether it shouldn't be taken seriously or not, but it starting to die down now so expect less buzz about it.

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A show that I find very underrated is Toriko, especially when you discuss it with Bleach fans. Considering Toriko replaced Bleach in Shonen Jumps Big 3, when you try to explain to them what the show is about, they are like "What? Some guy looking for food replaced Shinigamis?!". It's a shame. Toriko is an interesting show(and from what I have seen so far a pretty good show at that), and considering the partnership Toriko and One Piece had on an episode... like, you don't get that recognition for sucking.

I don't even think many anime fans here in America know about Toriko.

@metalsnakezero said:

Highschool of the Dead is actually pretty popular

Exactly. I don't know where Sam got that HOTD was underrated...

I, personally, don't like the show. I've tried it. I don't dig the whole zombie(overdone) + boobs(overdone) concept. However, I know MANY people that do.

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yes Tom, let the hatred consume you

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Regarding HOTD and Rahxephon i think exactly the opposite. HOTD is a very popular show and couldn't in any way be called underrated, as for rahxephon most people compare it to evangelion because it came out some years after and had similar themes, but the way it takes its premise differs along the way, taking a very unique approach that should get more love.

As for the Overated/underated shows i'm gonna pick 2 for each

The 2 animes that i find more overated are Gurren lagann and Howl's moving castle, while the 2 i find more underated are Infinite Ryvius and Boogiepop Phantom

Worst animes ever: Mars of destruction, melody of oblivion and School days.

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I couldn't stand HoTD but I can understand the love behind it(also, it's far from underrated), but from a respect point, yes, it doesn't get any(understandingly so)

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@swaggity: Something can be popular but underrated in terms of art or execution. Also, just in my own circle, HOTD wasn't well liked, so I was mentioning it's artistic and style merits, and it's ability to bring together non-anime fans.

That said, I filmed this before finishing the show, and some of the later episodes encourage violence and aggression towards women as a problem solving device, and that I cannot abide. For a show that is sooo much fun and over-the-top, it was sad to see it rubber band in tone like that.

Underrated? I stand by my call. But I can see why it is a confusing choice, it's because that show is confusing :)

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Another classic. The last shot of Sam will haunt me in my dreams tonight. It was funny to see Tom get so worked up.

I remember watching RahX a long time ago and disliking it at first and ultimately thinking it was ok once I realized that it wasn't Evangelion and that it was like 100% pilot drama rather than a mix of satisfying action and pilot drama. I think the turning part is when an episode started with the main dude getting out of his mech chair like, "whoa, that was an intense battle" and I realized that they had just totally skipped over an action sequence.

My most overrated would be Now and Then, Hear and There. I couldn't buy into the goofball villain actually being able to control an army and on top of that I thought it dealt with its themes in a really heavy handed and clumsy way.

For under rated, I would go with Kaiba or Real Drive. I think Kaiba gets skipped over 1) because it was really unpopular and nobody outside of Australians has considered licensing and 2) it's very philosophical but the art style is really cartoon, although the animation is pretty amazing. Real Drive... I don't know. It's made by the Ghost in the Shell and Eden of the East guy doing his cyber future digiworld thing but for some reason it got really slept on everywhere.

For my worst, I don't really have a worst that I truly dislike. If I don't like a show I won't finish it and I pick up something else to help it fade from my memory. Oh, I know. I can't think of the name of it but it's this fanservice drama (that should be the red flag) about this girly boy who gets zapped by like aliens or something and becomes a girl. She then goes through a whole bunch of girl drama and fanservice stuff. I watched it when I was both trying to broaden my anime horizons and had the stupid belief that I must finish anything that I started.

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Well i'm gonna have to go with the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya & Lucky Star as the two most overrated shows ever....both are just decent at best..nuttin to rave about imho

Worst series for me is Noir and Master of Martial Hearts and D.Gray Man ( big waste of time and pretty unoriginal)

I've only watched a few eps of Hetalia but after hearing your comments Tom i can see where your coming from.....seemed like a passable parody show to me...again nuttin to rave about

And as for Tatami Galaxy...just finished watching it couple weeks ago....pretty good show..which actually is already licenced by Funimation....they have just not dubbed it yet for some unexplained reason....i also just upped a written review for it here.

Good episode guys....keep it upp

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I just realized something about X: The Movie that I didn't mention earlier - the movie spoils the plot points that

something that had only just occured in the manga at the time the film came out. If you'd fallen behind in the manga and went to see the film, I can imagine being utterly pole-axed. As it is, the film does make up the final member of the Dragons of Earth/Harbingers, so that could be perceived as being a spoiler at the time the film came out, until the real seventh Harbinger was revealed in the manga.

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I understand what you're saying about HOTD, Sam. My sister doesn't watch anime outside of DBZ and she sat down and watched some of HOTD and Demon King Daimao with me because they made her laugh at some of the ridiculousness.

The series you guys talked about though I either don't have interest in or haven't heard of so I think I'm doing alright.

My underrated series are Rainbow and Steins;Gate. Both are FUNi titles but Rainbow has yet to get any trailers or dub announcement and Steins;Gate has been coasting even though I find it to be one of the best series I've ever seen. I'll also add that Bakuman is underrated as the story is fantastic and it's from the same duo who created Death Note.

Overrated for me is Deadman Wonderland and Evangelion. Granted, without Toonami Deadman wouldn't be as popular as it is but I feel it is being over-hyped for being just a decent series. Evangelion, while I don't argue with the deeper meanings and such, just pisses me off. I despise Shinji. However, I am really liking the Rebuild movies. I might even add in Haruhi to being overrated.

It's hard for me to pick a worst series as I try to avoid those and those I don't have interest in. A user said Noir and I didn't like it. I'd also say Blessing of the Campanella is bad as well.


School Days isn't all that good but given how the characters interact and the ending, it has some good points.

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Good show.

Over Rated Steins;Gate

Under Rated Black Lagoon

The bellow.... Tokyo Mew Mew

Tom um you could figure out why Hetalia Axis Powers is popular an where it is the most.As well as why .Would have to do little history work tho.Pm me if ya cant .But the old saying history is wrote by the victors is just that, a saying.

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It pains me to talk about Hetalia Axis Powers due to some regrets I had for not helping out a passionate and bubbly yet former member of Anime Vice who defended the show and two guys just team up and attacked her. I only did it out for wiki editing in shows that my siblings like, so I haven't watch a lot of the episodes. I don't recall seeing holocaust or any mention of it. It's a slippery slope when you make these countries into cute Bishoujo characters.

To me, it's just a parody that may be worse than Family Guy or South Park's use of parody, but like sickVisionz said, different strokes for different folks.

Moving on, an overrated show for me would be Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, and Guilty Crown. I love these shows, but the hype behind them made the expectations high. It led to their downfall with their endings being lackluster. Soul Eater and Blue Exorcist had manga adaptations that was not far enough.

I had a hard time thinking what shows I watch by myself and with family are underrated. I couldn't come with any. At first, I thought of Shaman King but its anime adaptation was not that great when you compared to the manga.


Highschool of the Dead - At first, I hated the show, but the characters grew on me. I wouldn't say it's underrated. I recall that it was more popular in America than Japan. It's not for folks who really hate fan service mixed with the degradation of humanity.

Taking what AgentJ and Sotyfan16 said a while ago, it's a show that makes fan service absurd. It's making them look ridiculous on purpose. All those panty shots are just to drive you insane or not.

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Good (if I "need" to say the worst, then the good is mandatory): Persona 4: the Animation and Fairy Tail

Reasons for P4: Animation: VERY faithful for the source material, including music, art style and storyline. Unlike other VG anime adaptations, there is little change.

Reasons for Fairy Tail: Huge and loveable cast of character, fast-paced, action-packed, funny moments and quick-resolved story arcs. It never drags or anything. The fights are fast and don't last as long as other series, as 20 minutes is often enought to take down a foe. Almost all of the flashbacks are done in segments of 10 or 15 minutes MAX in episodes, so we never get carried away in the current situation. The ONLY downsides, so far, are the 7-year timeskip and the current filler arc. I'll be honest here: I love timeskips, because I like to see how characters I cared about turned out. The timeskips from Gurren Lagann, Naruto Shipuuden, One Piece and even Digimon (going from season 1 to season 2) were nicely done and I loved how the characters changed in appearance.

In Fairy Tail, however, they played it WAY too safe. In short, the Fairy Tail members that were on Tenrou Island were thought killed when the the dragon Acnologia blasted the entire island to bits. However, it was revealed that Fairy Tail managed to cast a spell that protected the island and made it both invisible and intangible, saving them and deflecting the dragon's attack. The spell also froze time, keeping the gang in stasis for 7 years. However, it is revealed that Mavis, Fairy Tail's fist guild master, now a spirit, managed to dispel the spell, but it was so powerful that it took her 7 years to do so. In the meantime, the remaining Fairy Tail members all grew 7 years older and got more powerful, and it happens to be the other characters that Mashima neglected a bit too much.. See ? That 7 years have passed, I can live with it, but that the people on Tenrou Island, when the spell got dispelled, didn't age at all rubs me the wrong way. The whole stasis is rather awkward here. If I compare to a video game called The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (you might have heard of it ^_^), Link got suspended for 7 years upon drawing the Master Sword, but emerged as an adult. This is what I would have loved to see here: the Tenrou Island gang aged by 7 years as per regular suspended animation, NOT cryosleep.

As for the current filler arc, well, they don't take themselves seriously. The arc's a complete joke compared to the other where there was a feeling of urgency and danger.

Overrated: Naruto, One Piece and Dragonball

It drags and drags and drags... for crying out loud, when it takes 5 episodes to defeat a character, there's a problem. All 3 have this problem. Dude, the characters take forever to fight and for some reasons, they don't know when to retreat. One Piece also has problems with flashbacks that take 4 or 5 episodes to conclude.

Underrated: Noir, Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja

Those series could also go into the "good" category. Action, good cast, good story and each has an suitable ending. Yeah, it might be underrated because the main characters are females, but come on, you can't let the guys have all the fun.

Worst: Dragonaut: the Resonance, Kiddy Girl-AND and Symphogear

Why in general ? False advertising and trainwreck foreshadowing due to great ideas but poorly executed stories. Let me explain for each:

Dragonaut: The whole thing is about a team of dragon riders fighting evil dragons in a futuristic setting, but it turned out to be a showcase of big-boobs ladies and the resolution with the power of love. Seriously, for a series that was supposed to be about action, they screwed it up with fan service.

Kiddy Girl-AND: it was marketed as the sequel to Kiddy Grade, with a darker tone, according to the preview, but in the end, the main characters are childish, the plot wasn't as sinister as it appeared, too many panty shots for its own good and they added yuri elements between the 2 main characters. I'm telling you: when a series resolves to yuri elements, that means that the series needs to get back on tracks.

Symphogear: My biggest gripe of all three comes from a recent anime. The preview poster and trailer showed 2 songtresses transforming into superheroines to fight monsters using the power of music and song as a duet. Right off the bat, that idea sounds great, considering how J-Pop music can affect anime series.

However, in the first episode, one of the songstresses dies... and for the remainer of the series, she's replaced by an obnocious schoolgirl who just happened to have the same powers as the dead songstress. Furthermore, the remaining singer barely get any action as she's depressed by the death of her friend. Ouch, just ouch...

So, that was my opinion.

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Kinda of surprised that nobody mentioned Twilight of the Dark-Master. it was random bullshit.

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Quite the interesting little video. However if you thought the X movie was bad, you should see what I've had to put up with for my Ani-Crap reviews. They make X look like a gem. :P
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Overrated: Dragonball Z. I ended up hating DBZ. I liked it at first but ended up realizing after a while that was long, dumb, boring, repetitive fighting. Not enough story points. Fights will go on and on. The same fights over and over again. Same set up. Forget all that if you want to. The show has giantic plot holes. They blow up the moon after they blew it up Dragoonball. Did they wish it back? Earth should have wrecked by the moon not being there anymore.

Underrated: Big Windup or Galaxy Railways or Beck: Monogolin Chop Squad. Really good shows that really flew under the radar.

Worst Anime: X Movie is bad. Was #1 on my worst anime list forever till dragonball z and la chaviar deon came along. I actually got Rintaro autograph during Anime Next a few years ago. Just mess of a movie that introduces and kills characters off in minutes. There are even some really worse ones. Like Dracula Soverign Of The Damn and Frankstein.

Hetalia I don't hate. I take it for what it is satire. Like south park and robot chicken.

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