Tuesday is Toyday! 03/17/09

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Okay, guys. You can no longer get away with this “it's action figures!” stuff. When figures of anime girls were virtually all un-poseable, we figured you were just drooling over them. When they started moving into poseables like the Revoltech, Nendoroid, and figma's line, we knew you just wanted to take the clothes off and pose dirty scenes. It was all good.

But now Nendoroid has let the cat out of the bag. You, like Spaceballs' Lord Helmet before you, must actually like playing with the dolls on some level. Some not-dirty level! Either that or a lot more women are buying Nendos these days, because the company has announced that it'll be putting out house settings for the toys.

...Okay, okay, I know, you could just use them for cool photos and for setting up a 'scene' for your figures instead of just setting them standing. I mostly just wanted an excuse to post this video.


Also: Precia Nendoroid. Yay!


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Awesome video. :D
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I love Spaceballs. <3<3
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..sry but have to say it
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SPACEBALLS!!!, oh if only I can quote the movie :(
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I've never been interested in buying any figs until now. . .
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Nice Vid!
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Awww... but I like my Gundam vs. Figma figure battles....

"What's that? Saber's using Rin's Zelretch jewel sword against Exia's GN Sword?! And Miku is using her uber Leek to block Wing Zero's twin buster rifle?!?..... And Rin! Her jewel spell barrage is matching hit-for-hit with Heavyarms!"
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