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Most of the time I feature toys that I really like in Toyday, for obvious reasons. But every once in a while I find a figure that missed the mark that I want to share. Rarely, however, is that figure from Good Smile-- much less one of their Nendoroid line.

I love Nendoroids. I love the whole concept: cute, well-made, inexpensive SD figures with interchangeable faces and other parts. They're fantastic (even if the bits that you use for keeping the heads on properly break easily). But this Maritan disappoints me a little.

Now, the figure itself isn't bad. It's very typical Nendoroid...adorable. But the only homage they play to the character itself is her shotgun. For a character whose most famous line in her English-teaching tales is “I like you. Come over to my house and !@#$ my sister!” that hardly seems like enough. I mean...not even a sign with some dirty English on it? I mean, come on-- compare this to how cool the SoraKake Girl Nendoroid is and you'll see how relatively generic this seems.

A little on the lame side, Nendoroid makers.

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Its kinda cute I like the little anchorXD
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Pixel Maritan  is awesome.  Teaching English by quoting R. Lee Ermey in Full Metal Jacket is one of the most twistedly brilliant ideas ever.  Here's an example: http://learnenglishfma18.ytmnd.com/ (warning: NSFW)  There's a bunch more on Youtube.
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Jeleinen: Then don't you agree that while cute, this figure is utterly UN-twisted? T_T
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Personally I don't think the lack of a sign or such is a bad thing. This way it's still worksafe, and the few people that know who it is of will get a good laugh while the rest won't get offended or w/e.

Also, Play-Asia has it for sale: http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-8x-49-en-70-3an8.html
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Maybe it should have one of those pull strings that lets it play a random quote.
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