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 Wouldnt it have been cool in dragonball z if goku never came back after the cell saga, and left gohan and the main savior of the earth. Im a big Dragonball to Dragonball z fan, never cared for gt. But i always wish that Akira toryama would have continued the story from gohans perspective all the way instead of gokus. I mean no one is cooler than goku, but i think if the anime went in that direction gohan might have become just as popular. Just something think about.
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I prefer more like this :

* Dragonball - Goku (Normal)

* Dragonball Z - Gohan (Mystic)

* Dragonball GT - Vegeta (SSJ5)

* Dragonball Reborn - Goku (SSJ10/ infinity / or a completely new form of omniversal level + beyond omnipotent)

This will be the best way to approve it in my opinion by making three of them main characters in 3 separate series. Goku got 2 times main lead because he is the reason the DB franchise created. :)

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