The Gintama Report: Ep. 237 & 238 - A Skiing Vacation Gone Wrong

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Welcome to the Gintama report! It's been a long time that MohsinMan99 and I have written the weekly report for Gintama, but our school had taken a higher priority. Let's catch up on Gintama. Plus, I put Gintama as a lower priority than my other wiki projects. In this report, we talk about episode 237 and 238 and also, the wiki editors who have been working on Gintama.

Please be aware that I'm a new Gintama fan. I might butcher their names or have the wrong impressions, but I have MohsinMan99, an expert on Gintama, as my teammate.


Please Take Me Skiing

Toshiro and his pals have a mission to babysit the Shogun at the ski resort. Things go wrong when Gintoki and his pals show up. After Kagura rampages, Gintoki accidentally takes the Shogun and rides him like a human ski board. Will Gintoki, Toshiro, and the gang fix their mistake?

A Vacation in Disorientation

After a day of shenanigans, Toshiro and the gang seek shelter only to find ridiculous things from Tae and Kotarou. They finally find the Shogun, but they still have the issue on how to get warm. Will Toshiro, Gintoki, and their gang survive their vacation with the Shogun's reputation intact?

Find out by watching these two crazy episodes!


Beware of Spoilers!


  • As always, Gintama's humorous episodes have the crudest stuff. Be prepared for convenient censoring and outrageous moments. I share some in the WTF moments section.
  • Gintama's characters are interesting. I find Kagura and Sogo to be like opposites. The scene with the snowball is really good.
  • There are plenty of references to anime and big myths. See them below. (Thanks MohsinMan99)


  • I have no problems with this episodes. The humor is pretty tame.

WTF Moments

The Penile Brake
The Penile Brake
  • Gintama is known for its lewd moments. Kondo is no exception. He and Shogun get it on.
  • The comparison of a igloo to a mother's womb is most disturbing. I don't know why Kagura and Gintoki made that comparison.
  • The penile brake is strange, but the idea of a human ski board is even bizarre. To add on, Tae thinks glasses are handlebars.


Thank you guys for reading. As a community, we have to get involved and talk about our favorite shows to make this place great. My team and I are busy, and we always appreciate extra help. Wiki editor, Sophronimos, did a good job on providing images and working on Gintama episodes 239 and 240. He helped us in Sket Dance with the Ogress Arc episodes. Give my team and Sophronimos a round of applause for the hard work they did.

Weekly Reports

  • Sket Dance 38 and 39 by Taka
  • Guilty Crown 12 by Taka

Last Weekly Reports


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It was short but good. Also, you butchered my name in the first sentence itself.

Damn,,,I should have finished my report by now. I still have one episode remaining of that arc and lots of editing...hopefully, this will be done by Monday.

BTW, should have mentioned those Bigfoot and Chipakubras (or whatever they are called) in references.

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Sorry man. I forgot the "h." Thanks. I updated it. What about the main image? Is it suitable? I should have got more images.

It's cool. Take your time. I rushed this one a bit.

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@takashichea: The main image...hmm. I think you should put something else. Report seems a bit too short for 2 episodes though...I'm wondering whether to take the same path next time.

I'm surprised you didn't mention Katsura at all though. I'd say he's quite possibly one of the greatest charms of Gintama:

With that said, you're going to love the next two episodes. Man, so must watch the next 2 episodes!

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I didn't like these two episodes. The best I seen was the funeral episode with bunch of nasty scenes with the censoring penises. That one made me laugh a lot.

About Katsura, I forgot to include him. He appeared out of nowhere. I made my report focused on Toshiro and Gintoki since I'm more familiar with those two.


What's with this gag? :)

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