Do Tachikoma Have Ghosts?

Topic started by gia on Nov. 3, 2008. Last post by Black_Rose 6 years ago.
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In the first season of Ghost in the Shell, several Tachikoma robots sacrifice themselves to save the life of Batou. In the second season, they all sacrifice their AI-- their own individual personalities --to save humans from a nuclear bomb. This inspires a member of Section 9 to suggest that they developed "ghosts"-- basically souls. The very fact that these robots HAD individual personalities, in spite of having the same bodies and sharing memories, also suggests that they had souls.

On the other hand, they are still giant hunks of metal and programming. What do you think?
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I think I need to watch Ghost in the Shell again.  I've only seen a handful of the series episodes.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
I've never watched any of the TV series, and I was like...13 when I saw the movie. (Good lord, that's more than a decade ago.) @_@ But I have a six-mile long list of things I "should" watch and almost no time to watch ANY of it!
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<<<<waiting on the day they develop a chip that can be inserted into head containing all the anime he needs to still watch.
Post by gia (3,032 posts) See mini bio Level 13
You and me both, my friend. You and me both.

...As well as the one for all the books I've wanted to read, and games I've wanted to play, and plays I want to see, and...@_@
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Its hypothosised  (didn't spell that right) not an actual fact from my understanding but it would stand to reason if the concept of a soul is something about a person that makes them who are they cause they are sentient then obviously they become sentient and get a soul i would believe.

Ghost=soul for all intents and purposes. But really one has to go for a leap of faith in this matter cause once you start talking about souls certain concepts of life and life after death come in as well as a supreme being...ect because souls strike on a higher level then technology can answer.  As well since Ghosts=souls represent something special in ghost in the shell and remarkable when found...ect It would stand to reason this leap of faith must be made since in a science explaination all a soul or mind is is electrical impulses which really isn't any thing special in an of it self.
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I don't think they do(like actually implementing from human), but the way their AI work is close to that of a ghost. I love ghost in the shell universe!
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If ghost=souls, then... I don't believe so, exactly. But I think they have some sort of spirit. Some kind of spiritual energy from their creators... or something like that.

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It's really advanced AI.  To the point of appearing to have ghosts.
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no,t he tachikoma do not have ghosts. they have highly mechanized AI that lets them develope individuality.
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Episode 15 of the first season made it clear that they have no ghost, however their AI has evolved to a point where they can think for themselves.
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