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just getting this started

Ban Mido

Tier: Top Tier

Profession: 3rd Generation Get Backer, heir to the linage of the Witchqueen

Origin: Europe (Ban is only half-Japanese), possibly Germany (he lived there for some time)


-causing illusional dreams with his Jagan for the period of one minute

-able to use witchcraft

-wielder of the curse of Asklepios, the Snake God


Backflashes: A very young Ban shows off his base gripping force against a professional bodyguard.

Teenage Ban stopping Takuma Fudo’s powerful sword-arm swing.

Teenage Ban accidently kills his friend Yamato, Himiko Kudo’s brother. This alone already shows the power of his arms in his child state.

Early in the series Ban already shows a speed and power that exceeds that of any ordinary human being. This is him far from being serious.

Ban after his learning journey in the last arc of the manga. He’s facing five of the 7 brothers of the Miroku Seven, each of them is an extraordinarily strong fighter and trained with a custom-made weapon and/or in martial arts. Ban blows all five of them unconcious in an instant.

Ban displays a very high level of durability. He can take a 100% Raitei’s lightning blasts like they are nothing.

ban speedblitzing a former member of the volts so fast that he doesnt appear to move at all (during volume8-10)

When Ban fought Fudo, Fudo saw Ban on the ground cut up and dead through his Precog. 3 seconds later, Ban was on the ground in that exact same way.

However, it's a bit more complicated than that. pay attention to what had happened in that fight. This means, within the time frame of 2 seconds, Raitei and Akabane had a heated battle to the death. Because Fudo's precognition has no blind spots, that means that the estimated time that they fought was around 2 to 3 seconds.

Once Ban caught Raitei's punch, and Jackal stabbed him, Ban was on the ground in the exact way that Fudo pictured in his vision. Which means, Ban Blitzed Fudo so damn fast that it was uncomprehending.

Ban ripped through Fudo's body, tore off his arm while tearing bones, muscles inner organs all over his body. Since the realm was Makubex's virtual world and it was similar to the Beltline, Ban should have had no problem easily ripping through it and making it to where Ginji and Akabane was to intercept their attack. However, if you pay attention, after Ban fell to the ground, neither Akabane or Ginji noticed that Ban was able to get up and sit on the ledge across from them to make it seems like he faked his Jagan. However, he also found a way to clean up the blood from the ground as well and hide his wound.


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We need once for Akabane >_<

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Probably the most relevant necro bump so far in 2015.

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I don't have this thread recorded for the Facts and Feats project.


Good job; however, I have to clean out every manga scan of yours. I'll have to do in multiple sittings since I have 2 community project threads to tend for today: the February 2015 report and March's Best Battle User.

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Your scans are cleaned. Some of your links to wikispaces are dead. Thank Yusuke52 for helping out since I was out wiki moderating.

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