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now i will try to do a rough calc of zeburas speed when he uses jet voice, for this calc i will be using PX scaling as suggested by the OBD, my speed calcs are based from the episodes: 154,205 and 206 so here i go

my strategy will be the following
1-take the length of the mother snake
2-calculate the length of the 4 beast
3.-calculate the distance traveled by zebura using his "jet voice"

now there are two possible assumptions, in the wiki the mother snake length is recorded at 25 km, however i made my own pixel scaling and got a really different result (we will take both so that in the end we can choose the one that seems less hyperbole)
here is my calc of the size of the mother snake:

my px scale measured the mother snake at a little over 2km (which is ten times less that the result i found at the wiki) we will be using both sizes which will give extremely different numbers, the final result will be left for debate.

now since the mother snake is 2km long here is a picture of if and the 4 beast, on the following image the mother snake was recorded at 655PX, so on this pic 655px=2.3km

the four beast PX count went at roughly half of that so its safe to assume that the four beast is 1 km tall

now we cant really calculate the four beast attack speed but lets say the time it took from its mouth to reach the floor was about half a second, in half a second zebura activated jet voice and traveled a certain distance, this distance will tell us how fast zebura is.

again with scaling(four beast body up to the 4 kings) the distance went about 5km in half a second, meaning 10km/s and if we transform that number into mach the final result is:

mach 29-30 : ( (honestly i thought it was about mach 50)

however if we recalculate the distance with the official size of the mother snake the amount that zebura traveled is proportional to the new size (which is 10 times more) meaning 100km/s and the final result should be

mach 290-300 0.o (now this is way more than i thought)

I hope you liked this speed calc and please feel free to submit your own calcs, toriko needs more editing and i think its worth it:

ps: this is my very first calc so im not that good, feel free to help me with this!

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Sick I haven't gotten far in the manga tho.
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Online Now
Toriko is better than the big 3 IMO. Not to say that I appreciate it more than One Piece's 15+ year legacy, but relative to the content thus far, Toriko rivals all 3 of them in my book. It's a shame that a number of people are automatically turned off because they think it is a cooking anime/manga. Not that there isn't some cooking in there but the way it is done is actually enjoyable and the action is sick. Anyway nice calc. I felt that in terms of power Toriko's weak spot relative to other Shounen was speed, which is why when I saw Zebra pull this it screwed with my perception. But with Zebra I can believe it since he is the greatest of the 4 Kings.
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@taichokage: right now toriko has become one of my favourite shonens, even more than one piece which was my previous number 1. and yeah until jet voice and mold spear the speed of toriko characters didnt seem all that threatening but now this is evolving quickly

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Toriko is much better than One Piece. I actually dropped One Piece because Toriko is so much better.
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@SpeedForceSpider: HEY!!!!.... That's going too far, One Piece is still the best in my heart XD despite the awesome fights in Toriko, I'd rank it closer to DBZ which is still one of my favorites of course

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Moved to Zebra page since it is part of the Facts and Feats and Toriko Respect Thread projects.

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