Years End: Top 5 best anime of 2011

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My finals are done, I can sleep in late, and I can now reflect on the shows I watched. In a few days I will be posting up some of my opinions on the anime that came out in 2011 from the years best to what I wasn't expecting. We start with my top 5 animes of 2011

Anime of the 2011

A lot is changing in the anime industry from the large amounts of simulcast to the large licensing deals between publishers. What’s the most apparent are the releases of original show and adoptions of high level material. That's what fills my list of top 5 Animes of the year and helps show the grandness of it all. Keep in mind that this list is purely my own opinion but in a way I recommend these titles as they really do represent the creativity that anime can active. So lets begin.

#5 Stein;Gate

A show that uses the real life event of John Titor and the idea of time travel that soon effects our characters. Despite the slow beginning episodes and the development of the characters, it still holds up with its twist and turns, interesting visual, and the deepness of the characters.

#4 Tiger and Bunny

A refreshing twist on the superhero genera that is filled with a colorful cast of characters, smart use of superhero clichés, and lots of visual flair of animation and CG that makes you question if this was the low budget title of Sunrise this year.

#3 Ano Hana

A very emotional title of friends coming to terms with a death of a childhood friend. While the beginning had some odd humor and a bad first impressions of the characters, but it is the journey to their conclusion is what makes it worthwhile. With visuals that keep Noitamina at top tier and a fitting musical score helps makes the whole experience emotional.

#2 Usagi Drop

One man’s journey of becoming a parent after adopting a little girl. It’s a journey that is full of understanding, intrigue, sacrifices, and heartwarming that only a heartless person would hate. Its sketchbook like visuals and gentle music score help set the clamming experience the show is going for. Despite the controversial manga ending, the anime keeps focus on the pure innocent message of parenthood.

#1 Madoka Magica

The defining anime of this year. A tale full of twist and turns with powerful messages that only the diabolical mind of Gen can come up with. Characters, while not as deep as the other characters from this list, are legitimately develop given the short amount of time and help push forward the story. Visuals of all types from the ranging beauties environments to the bizarre abstract worlds full of imagery and symbolism that SHAFT perfected. It is the show that will change the way we look at Magical girl shows.


You can always get another one
You can always get another one
Scarf girl sure is everywhere
Scarf girl sure is everywhere
Its these moments that I want to be a parent
Its these moments that I want to be a parent
Gets me every time :D
Gets me every time :D
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@metalsnakezero: Very nice. I was going to check out Ano Hana, never got around to it though. It must be pretty decent though.

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The strength of Usagi Drop is probably how at the end of the day, Daikichi's priority is Rin.  Even the not so subtle romantic thread ends in the series climax where he learns to deal with a child becoming sick.  Put into words, the show is the very definition of sedentary, but it contains very strong emotions, and a reminder that your parents dealt with this every day for over a decade.
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