WTF Wednesday Double Feature: Translator-san

Topic started by GodLen on June 10, 2009. Last post by lolwut 5 years, 9 months ago.
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This year’s E3 gave us lots and lots of announcements and hope for the future of gaming. It also gave us a couple nice internet memes, like Mr. Translator-san here. He was a translator during the SONY E3 press conference, when Kazunori Yamauchi spoke about the new PSP Gran Turismo. It is normal for most translators to take notes while the person who they are translating are talking, but most video game fans don’t realize this; but hey, it’s a lot funnier that way, right?

Translator-san hardly ever looked up, always having his head buried inside of his book; so much that people started to wonder what exactly he was doing on that notepad of his. As you already know, people on the internet think with their Photoshop open, thusly beginning this meme. Poor Translator-san, you could have been one of those translators that just read from a script and didn’t need the notebook; fate is too cruel.

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This is one of my favorite meme's now, I love it!
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Lawlz.  There is a big thread about this on Giant Bomb.
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hahaha i love translator san!
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I saw many of them on the NeoGAF E3 gifs / photoshops thread. My favorites are the "3 of the same looking at each others notes" and the Zelda "No. No." one.

And this one (Miyamoto looking at the new PSP), although not Translator-san related:

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lol, I was not aware at all this had become a meme... (I did see a thread about him on Giant Bomb but never bothered to check it out)

I mean, I did think it was a little odd he never looked up and seemed so disinterested, but was it really meme worthy? He's just doing his job after all. Either way, these shops are quite hilarious.
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lol, my favourite are the lion king ones I saw on 4chan.
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@jlrm01: bwahaha

I love the internet.
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Easily the best thing to come out of E3 2009. I remember a couple threads on /v/ trying to name him "Train Rapist-san" and the "guy who just doesn't give a fuck," before finally settling on Translator-san. Also, the Japanese-speaking guy presenting Gran Tourismo PSP was so clearly nervous. Hell,  between Translator-san, Jack Tretton's standup and Hannah Montana, Sony's press conference was one big laugh riot. 
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