WTF Wednesday 02/04/09: Sci Fi = Anime

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This Is Not Sci-Fi
This Is Not Sci-Fi
I got linked to this Fanboy Field Guide by FUNimation's twitter, and I can't help but take issue with it. And I'm not even talking about it being a fan”boy” field guide with no mention of fan”girls” (even though one of the fan categories is Twilight fans, which tend to be female). It's really just meant to tie in with the Fanboys movie. I'm okay with that.

No, my issue is this:


Philosophy: Cyber-Taoism

Accessory: Vinyl, vaguely pornographic figurines

Fetish: Machine-on-human copulation

Online Habitat:

Now, come on, New York Magazine. Are you trying to tell me that squeeing Naruto fans and moe fanboys are sci-fi fans? Or that the majority of hardcore Philip K. Dick fans would be caught dead on

I'm not saying there's no crossover here-- the generation of anime fans that really paved the way for the boom of the '90s and early '00s got into anime as part of the sci-fi/fantasy fandom with titles like Akira and Vampire Hunter D, after all. And of course, I understand that it's hard to group geeks properly while not devolving into dozens of tiny subsets.

But...Sci-Fi/Anime? That's a little much!

So I challenge you, Vice Squad: write up a field guide entry for anime/manga geeks. (And a separate one for sci-fi, if you want.) The entries feature the above chart of philosophy/accessory/fetish/etc, and they also feature an example of the Supreme Geek. Here's one from me:

Philosophy: Moeism

Accessory: a cloth bag from VIZ

Fetish: Gun-toting babes with men manly enough to cry.

Online Habitat:, of course!
SUPREME GEEK: 16 years after first becoming a published writer, Patrick Macias founded the now uber-popular Otaku USA magazine. On top of that he's published several books about Japanese pop culture, and is even a correspondent for NHK World.

Your turn! Go for it!
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I read that earlier today and thought the same thing too.

I think your anime description works, except change "Moeism" to "Haruhism"
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Total Japan / anime / toku freak ( AKA me :D )

Philosophy: Tendouism

Accessory: Bags filled with Memory sticks/cards with all kinds of videos of Anime/Toku series on them

Fetish: Cute cuddly jumpy school girl who eats to much but never goes fat.

Online Habitat:, of course! TV-Nihon!!! Thai-toku Rangerboard Veoh
SUPREME GEEK: Was for 3 long years a blogger about the eastern side of the world has seen over 200 anime series (Lost count actually)

Pretty much all toku series and now knows so much about everything that it becomes annoying to his friends XD

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'manly enough to cry'

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Nice choice of Macias as the Supreme Geek, Gia. He definitely fits the bill.  Here's my version:
Philosophy: Haruhiism
Accessory: Naruto keychain
Fetish: Tentacles
Online Habitat:
SUPREME GEEK: Gia Manry.  As a longtime otaku and professional blogger, Gia ran the blogging division of animeOnline before moving to her popular personal blog, and eventually launching Anime Vice as its Managing Editor. 

The question of the Sci-Fi/Anime classification of geek is actually quite interesting. It's true - anime fans are now rather separate from traditional science fiction fans, and many fans on both sides loathe the other.  Even so, colleges still have "Science Fiction Clubs" that exist primarily to show... anime.  It's a classification that even fans themselves don't seem to be able to shake.
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It pisses me off that they didn't do their research about anime! There's so much more to it than just sci-fi... I mean what about fantasy? or even just the plain ol' school girl comedies like Azumanga Daio?
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Vampt: Suckup! Me likey. ;)

kiro: Ooh, good one! Wish I'd thought of it when I was trying to come up with "the anti-sci-fi" anime. (Though Nodame was an okay pick, I think.)
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