Worst names in Shounen?

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I wouldn't call it worst, but some might

Jugem, the monkey from Gintama..

This is his full name in English

"Jugem-Jugem Poop Throwing Machine Shin-chan’s Day Before Yesterday Underwear Shinpachi’s Life Balmunk Fezarion Isaac Schneider One Thirds Pure Feeling Two Thirds Worried-Over-A-Hangnail Feeling Though Betrayal Knows My Name Or Does It ?I Know The Unknown The Cuttlefish Tastes Kind Of Different Than It Did Last Time Because It Was Caught Near The Pond And Served With Oil From A Hoofed Mammal, Pepepepepepepepepepepe Take Care From Here On In Please And Finally The End Bichigu Somaru"

This is His name in a 10 minutes video loop in Japanese

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Chi-chi lmao because we all know what that means

Rin, because of Obito

The F**k Kubo

Äs Nödt


NaNaNa Najahkoop

Shaz Domino

Liltotto Lamperd
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If it's not just shounen, This name should be on the list

Yamagami, Lucy Kimiko Akie Airi Shiori Rinne Yoshiho Ayano Tomika Chitose Sanae Mikiko Ichika...

There is still a continuation to that but was never mentioned.. and yes, that's one person's name and Yamagami is her last name..

Since you got Chi-chi, how Chinpo, from Gintama xD

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bobobo bo or whatever his name is

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