Will Sasuke return to the leaf village and become a good guy?

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I'm just curious because a lot of people say he will and a lot say he won't.....well will he?!
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Nope it is most likely gonna end with Naruto  realising he has to kill him.
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aww....i knew it, lol!
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I mean sasuke used to be like my favorite character (well he still) and now he has to die!! :(
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I really wish he didn't. But I think that deep inside we all know he's gonna return and they'll all live happily forever after =_=
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No, I really hope he wont return.
That's not because I don't like him (at least i don't dislike him), but because it would ruin Naruto.
The leaf would never forgive Sasuke - they wouldn't even have forgiven Itachi, and he was (kind of) a good guy. Sasuke wants ton destroy the leaf.
Sakura realised Sasuke can't be turned back into a good guy, Kakashi realised it and even Naruto seems to realise he won't be able to save him. 
Sasuke becoming a rouge ninja was the best thing to happen for the stroy - please don't let this die
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considering how Naruto has the ability to convert people to being good, he might very well do it. but not before he has a massive battle with Sasuke. then again, I don't really like Sasuke, since he's too reactionary and insecure, and that used to be Sakura's job. now she's got enough brians to side with Naruto when they get into 3 way arguments.
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I hope not but they probably will.  Konoha is way too lenient with their bad guys.   
  1. Orochimaru experimented on people and they just let him leave the village with no real pursuit.  Even after he came back and attacked the village they never really pursued him seriously.
  2. Itachi committed attempted genocide and only left one person alive and Konoha never really went after him.  He then came back, tortured the person he left alive and tried to kidnap their Jinchuriki... Konoha still gave him a get out of jail free card.
  3. Someone tried to go after Itachi and the village was like, "fuck that, genocide isn't anywhere near as bad as you make it out to be.  Forgive and forget."
  4. Karin experimented on people and executed them as one of Orochimaru's cohorts, she was a member of the Hokage assassination team and tried to capture the 8-tails.  When Konoha captured her they treated her like she was an honored guest and I doubt she'll ever see jail time or receive anything more than a slap on the wrist.
Compared to those things, Sasuke is a saint.  Assuming he isn't killed, which I don't think he will be, he'll probably be welcomed back with open arms and pardoned for his crimes.  The only rule breakers that Konoha ostracizes or punishes were Naruto, who hadn't actually done anything to deserve it, and Kakashi's Dad, who committed the terrible act of saving his teammates during a mission.  Oh, and Kabuto.  He is the only one they've ever really tried to hunt down and find.  Out of all the criminals and psychos, they only went after the medical assistant.
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@sickVisionz: Wow you are right. I agree with you. There are only 3 possible things that could happen.
1. Naruto converts him back after an intense battle of their new found power (I see this as the most probable occurrence).
2. Naruto kills him either on purpose or accident (the way shonen anime is I see the latter as more probable)
3. After he bids Naruto farewell, Sasuke flees the leaf village to never return and he starts his life over again, possibly with team taka.
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My two ideal endings that I know would never happen under any circumstances whatsoever are  

  1. Sasuke kills Naruto but realizes he was manipulated.  He returns to Madara and tries to place all the blame on him.  Madara says something like, "You call me the bad guy, but which one of us murdered their brother, tried to kill their teammates and executed the only person who tried to be their friend?"  Sasuke then kills him but the words sink in and he falls on his sword out of guilt and shame.
  2. Naruto kills him but comes to regret it and begins blame Konoha since it finally sinks in that all Sasuke wanted to do was see a genocider brought to justice and their lackadaisical approach is what really led to this.  As he returns, the villagers welcome him and cheer for him, but the next day he silently leaves without alerting anyone (maybe Sakura sees him, the same as how she saw Sasuke when he left) and he's never heard from or seen again.
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sure, I mean its Naruto so why not? Its not like anything bad ever really happens. The way I see it Naruto will save Sasuke and take him back to the leaf so they can finally get married.
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