Wich anime power would you want!

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If I can't choose omnipotence, then Light Hawk Wings. 10 of course because anymore would cause our universe to collapse.

If I was given the choice of two supporting powers it would be Road Kamelot's Dimension of Dreams and Goku's ki control to do what I always wanted to do, which is the Kamehameha lol.

And if I was given the choice of a weapon it would be Tsuna's X-Gloves Version Vongola Gear because they look so awesome.

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Nobody got this ability yet in anime as far as i know, if there is one please tell me..

Omnichange - word made by me xD it means the ability to change anything to anything which includes nothing.. this includes erasing of anything, change the values of anything, like changing how many stars are in the omniverse from infinite to 0, changing the number of universes from infinite to 1, changing the laws of every universe or changing the omnipotent creator himself to none.. the difference of this to omnipotence? omnichange got a specific pattern, omnipotence is one snap and done, while OC got method xD.. i should probably pursue writing LN and make this reality in LNs.. xD

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Meta Ability Creation 'Nuff said.

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