Why Naruto is better than Bleach

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joseph619: Kurama technically is Naruto's own power because he had it since birth. Ichigo acquired his hollow from Urahara. And in Naruto every great ninja, such as Madara, Hashirama, etc. had something that distinguished them from the rest of the pack. Kurama is that thing for Naruto. And Ichigo's fight against Ulquiorra is a lot more bs than any Naruto fight.

Ichigo had Fullbring, Quincy and Hollow Powers from birth. He didn't awaken them until later. It's Naruto who didn't gain the majority of his powers until after his birth (Senjutsu, Haraishin, The other half of Kurama etc). The only power Ichigo wasn't born with ironically is shinigami power.

And Ichigo going Hollow on Ulquiorra was no different at all from Naruto going 8 tails against Pain. They both entered the state because their love interest was threatened. In fact, Naruto had a seal to prevent that from happening and it still broke. Ichigo had no such restriction on his power.

But aside from my bias, Naruto is better than Bleach objectively in my opinion.

True but the difference between Naruto and Ichigo is that Ichigo EARNED those powers. What do I mean by that? I mean he trained tooth and nail nearly dying and getting wounded to an absurd degree to actually have control of his powers.

His training with Kisuke to attain his Shinigami powers nearly let him die and become a Hollow. His training with Yoruichi to attain his Bankai, something that is supposed to take decades in just a few shot days. Trying to control his Hollow side (at the time) and risk being taken over and fear for his friends and family. Training for Mugetsu, knowing that he would lose his powers. Then training his Fullbring with Ginjo which at one part Ginjo sliced Ichigo's eyes just to prove the point that Ichigo is getting his powers back and getting beaten to the point Orihime forcefully stopped Ichigo's training. Ichigo in the final arc proved his right to LIVE, Quincy Zangetsu basically told him that he originally was going to kill Ichigo if he chose his Shinigame heritage, but he grew to like Ichigo and even in some level admire him to the point he let Ichigo live. While Naruto now just kept getting majority of his powers for free, with the exception of his senjutsu training and Bijuu training, which in the Bijuu training he had help from his mother.

Hell not to mention Ichigo did most of his training with barely any help (Orihime being the only one to help Ichigo by healing him during his Fullbring training). Plus, Ichigo is no prophecy child like Naruto, that alone makes Ichigo seem someone who worked even harder to attain where he is right now. Hell, Ichigo is trying to STOP a prophecy child right now lol!!!

Ichigo only was given powers twice in the series, both times were by Rukia (ICHIRUKI FTFW!!!). The rest, he basically put his life on the line trying to attain more power!

If this seems like a rant Taichokage, it is not. This merely my ugly, stinky opinion :P!!!!! Me personally, I say that Bleach is better than Naruto because the characters in Bleach are just better than majority of the Naruto cast.

Ichigo is better because he's not an annoying chatterbox like Naruto. Bleach is better than Naruto series because it has better villains and action. Naruto simply wasted it's potential as a series because of greed. Whole Kaguya arc really destroyed everything

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