Why Naruto is better than Bleach

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Ok, I have been reading the manga and watching the anime for both Bleach and Naruto since the beginning and I want to first start off by saying I really like them both. However, a friend and myself have been having an ongoing argument for months about which series is better, I say Naruto, while she sticks to Bleach, so I am going to put my money where my mouth is, and write all the reasons why I personally believe Naruto is superior, the reasons include; better stories, smoother transitions, more well rounded characters (both heroes and villains) and finally more interesting fights.

First, I shall talke about the stories. It’s not so much that I find Naruto’s stories to be more interesting, rather I find Bleach stories to be much more dull. Let’s start out by listing all of the Bleach story arcs. We have the first story, which introduces the series and its characters as well as giving Ichigo his soul reaper abilities, but the me, the first season wasn’t impressive at all. As a matter of fact, it felt much like a filler season. Each episode was basically Ichigo fighting off random hollows that popped up and plagued his town with a now powerless Rukia tagging alone to give out exposition. Nothing really substantial happens until the end of the season when Byakuya and Renji come along to take Rukia back to the Soul Society. Second, there is little to no character development at all. Although we get some secondary characters like and Uryu, they are pretty much one dimensional. Orihime has lost her brother who turns out to be a hollow, but besides that we don’t get to learn anything else about her, Chad used to be a bully, his uncle changed him, now he fights bullies…that’s about it, Uryu is really the only one who gets some fleshing out, and even that is minimum. Now let’s talk about the second season, which is personally, my favorite. I loved the season and think it had everything a good arc should have, interesting characters, pretty good fights, and funny humor, however I will boil it down to this; Ichigo’s female friend gets kidnapped, Ichigo takes his friends to a foreign land to rescue her, he fight uber powerful opponents and thanks to a power up or five, beats them, he rescues his friend and goes back home, the end. There’s nothing wrong with that, but remember it for later on. Now the third arc was that of the Bounts, which I’m not going to lie, just was horrible, I could explain the plot in detail but instead I’ll sum it up in two words: vengeful vampires. And now on to the next arc, the Espada/Aizen arc. If you remember the end of the soul society arc, then you know that Aizen betrayed the soul society and joined forces with the hollows in Los Noches, here, that continues, now let’s recap that arc. Ahem, one of ichigo’s female friends gets kidnapped, Ichigo takes his friends to a foreign land to rescue her, he fights uber powerful opponents and thanks to a power up or two beats them, he rescues his friend and goes back home, the end. Sound familiar? Yeah. Now currently they are on a new arc with Fullbringers, and it hasn’t ended yet, so I’ll wait to talk about that. Naruto on the other hand has interesting arcs throughout the entire series, the first arc not only established the main characters, but built up character development as well, unlike Bleach’s first arc, it had an actual plot with a main reoccurring villain (Zabuza) the next arc, the Chunin Exams was near perfection, it had everything a good story needs, new interesting characters, a GREAT villain (Gaara) more than one ongoing plot, not just the Chunin Exams, but the sand village’s attack, as well as Orochimaru’s scheme. I could go on with each arc, but you see my point.

This leads me to my next point, Naruto has better transitions. While Bleach seems to be one story after another with hardly any transition, Naruto moves smoothly from story to story, for example, the first arc led right into the Chunin Exams, which led right into the search for Tsunade and so on, it makes the series feels more whole and complete. Next, Naruto has better characters. What do I mean by better? they are more developed. Each character in the series has their own thoughts and dreams, their own interesting back story which is explored very well, even the “villains” in the story aren’t all bad, Zabuza, Haku, Itachi, Pein, Gaara, and so many more each have complex and complete backstories and motives for their heinous actions. Bleach on the other hand has slightly one dimensional characters, ichigo is the stereotypical hero, fighting for his friends, giving out inspiration speeches, and..well that’s it really. His supporting cast isn’t much better, and most of the villains (with the exception of Byakuya during the soul society arc) fight either to 1. become more powerful, or 2. To follow the orders of someone more powerful. For example, compare the Espada and the Akatsuki, every single member of the Espada only fight to serve Aizen, even ones with some potential backstory like Grimmjow or Ulquiorra don’t get fully utilized and explored. However every single member of the Akatsuki has a very well fleshed out back story and motives for doing what they do.

Finally, the fights, now here’s the portion that’s debatable. I personally like Naruto for the reason that no two characters have the same abilities (unless they are related) each has their own jutsu and skills, and it’s really fun watching those skills clash with another set. While in Bleach, besides sword releases, there isn’t that much difference in between fights, it goes, sword fight, sword fight, sword release, sword release, someone finally wins, in that order. Also, to be honest, most of the fights in Bleach aren’t really that great that don’t involve Ichigo, while many fights in Naruto don’t even involve Naruto.

I could elaborate on each of these points more, but I feel like this is already way too long as it is, so in conclusion these are the reason why I think Naruto is far superior to Bleach

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Why would someone say Bleach is better then Naruto? The only thing Bleach got going for it is its fighting (well if they was DBZ fans, then I can understand LOL!)

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@Destinyheroknight: That's exactly what i'm trying to get my friend to realize, but she keeps saying Bleach is better solely because she

A. finds Naruto himself annoying

B. says she doesn't like the flashbacks (which i say are a good thing and adds to the story)

and C. she doesn't like Sasuke...which is kinda understandable lol

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Bleach is bleach! White powder, just blend boring stuff now. Naruto is colorful, even if I don't like the title character himself at least he makes meaningful progress.....

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Well, Naruto is a little annoying (but it goes away) how far she have read or watch?

WHAT!? Bleach have way more flashbacks, then Naruto (and they more boring then Naruto)

Yeah, Sasuke kill Naruto for me

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Naruto's fights make usage of strategy and chekov's gun.Bleach's fights have to have  a power-upgrade or  some sort of save to end them basically a Deus EX Machina
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@sharingan_eyes: I go back and forth between the two all the time and pretty much agree with all of what you said, although I can't pick one hands down over the other.

I feel like most times, Bleach isn't really even trying to tell a story when its in canon. It's just a means to an end and that end is fighting. What that usually results in for me is long stretches where Bleach is 100% ass and long stretches where it's awesome. There are some silly filler episodes that I like here and there, but 9/10 if there is no fighting in Bleach then it is going to be a pretty terrible episode. The story isn't strong enough to carry it by itself. Even with fighting, man, Bleach has some of the most meh and crap animation I've seen in a modern anime so they might go for like 20+ episodes of nonstop combat that looks like absolute garbage combine that with a super weak story and it's like there's nothing good. Practically anything that ever took place in series and didn't involve Ichigo was like this for me. Now, one positive thing I'll say about the anime (I've got nothing positive to say about the manga) is that the music is really good and to seemingly balance out long runs of crap, they hire good storyboarders who can at least frame a shot well, even if the animators don't have the skill to keep the quality up when things start moving. BUT... sometimes Bleach manages to bring it all together. People are getting beaten the crap out of, a holy trinity of arrogance, smack talk and pwnage are in the air, the shots are framed not only framed well, but the animation is nice, the music is pumping and Bleach transcends to this Shonen God-Tier quality show. It might only last for part of an episode but it pulls a Matrix Reloaded or Phantom Menace zen-like state where somehow one episode/sequence (Chateau fight to highway battle and Darth Maul fight, respectively) is almost good enough to make you forget how bad everything prior to that was.

I don't think Naruto is telling a grand tale, especially if you compare it to anime that is good and aims to tell a good story, but the fact that it's moving towards more than just the next battle can keep things watchable even when they aren't having a fight. Sometimes there are actually really great episodes for story/drama, like when Naruto found out that Jiraiya died. Outside of one Bleach filler arc (the most recent one), Naruto has way better looking fights on a way more regular basis. A negative for me though is that it's pretty much a case of unless they pull in the big animators Naruto can look super dull and be a drag. Sometimes drama/story can prop it up, but usually 9/10 times in Naruto, if the story is decent or the episode has scenes that are important, they bring in the big guns to make sure that it doesn't look like crap... but that's usually the only time the big guns come it and everything else is kinda drivel.

Bleach is like pure action and Naruto is like a show with a lot of action in it and both series play up the strengths of that and fall victim to the bad things about it. They have their ups and downs and it's hard for me to pick one over the ups since the lows are SO low and the highs are SO high and they fluctuate a lot. If I had to pick which is entertaining me more right now, I like Bleach more but that's because it just came off of a pretty great arc of good looking action and it was filler so it's one of the rare times Bleach does attempt to integrate a story that more than training/rescue into the combat. Naruto is in filler hell where every once in a blue moon the staff decides to not half ass every single aspect of making a show so not only is the writing meh, the story bland, but visually the storyboarding is poor and the animation is garbage so there's like no redeeming value.

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I always thought that kind of anime was more about the characters than the story.

For instance, the story in Evangelion makes no sense, but the characters have deep trauma worth of a good analysis.

And Ichigo has an inner hollow, that makes for a complex character, IMHO, although Naruto has a raccoon or something, so that's debatable again.

I'd go for Bleach just because aesthetically I cannot help with Naruto and Bleach looks cool, the music is also better in Bleach, and in general I consider it to be a much more polished anime. I know those are not-so-relevant aspects, but they are relevant to me.

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One of the reasons I prefer Naruto is that at least Kishi isn't afraid to kill off good characters; the fact that Kubo has kept virtually every single character from dying has wreaked havoc on the pacing of the series, with repeated random dips into side-plots that nobody cares about (a special nod to his royal highness Renji, the king of filler). Ichigo bores me senseless as well; I swear in the last 50 chapters of the manga he's shown about 3 expressions. The fact that Kubo bums him up with powerups on an hourly basis doesn't help.

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The pros Naruto has: 1. a better and more depthful plot. 2. More strategic type anime as the majority of Naruto characters are glass cannons, they don't fight brutally and carelessly like Bleach characters often do. 3. More realistic. Important protagonists (albeit few) actually do die in Naruto whereas not a single one has died in the mainstream bleach storyline. The pros Bleach has. 1. More powerful characters. Battles in bleach are typically more wild and destructive and characters can take a great deal of punishment before going down. 2. Despite the many similarities that the characters have like kidou or shumpo, no two bleach chars can have identical powers. Every zanpakutou is unique and all humans with power are completely unique, whereas any jutsu in naruto can potentially be learned by another. 3. Bleach has a somewhat more mature theme to it. It will show violence and gore and to a limited degree, suggestive themes that Naruto never has. 4.(anime only) bleach has better music according to the majority of anime viewers. At least from what I've seen, and I personally agree for the most part.
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My case is special, I watched the HST in the opposite order of my current top 3 of them. I loved Bleach up to the end of Soul Society, I loved each second of it, but afterwards the level plumetted like the Black Hawk (XD) Naruto is overall better than Bleach, but I've never got as amazed as I did with Ichigo beating up three vice-captains with his fricking bare hands... Naruto never got me as Byakuya Vs Ichigo got to me....

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Of course Naruto is better. It even has a better story. The only thing Bleach has that's better is the fighting. Kishimoto has managed to develop his characters well enough and develop a good plot to the point that people emotionally invested into his characters and the story. People were pretty upset when Jiraiya died, hell even when Orochimaru "died". But when Grimmjow died it was no big deal. Not many people care about Bleach characters other than Ichigo. Rukia is one of the most useless characters I've ever seen. Even Sakura has her uses.


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I agree with all of what was said here, and it's not only that what makes Naruto and Naruto Shippuden is that every ones background stories inter twine to create the bigger outcome that you just can't find in any other show out there Kishimoto is a genius in my eyes!

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TBH bleach started way better, comparing the first 200 episodes of each series, I would pick bleach.

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Wow this was a long time ago. Even though I think Bleach has outperformed Naruto in the terms of the Final arc (albeit not by much), I do think Naruto is the better series. Bleach had a great first arc, meh second, sigh...third and a see-saw of a fourth constantly getting good then not not good. It's good at the moment, but how long will it last I wonder.

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I'm watching Naruto. Bleach is in my favorites. I don't care what anyone says. Bleach>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Naruto.

I often think about quitting Naruto because I get bored.

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@SonNeko: I have always liked Bleach better but objectively I thought Naruto was the better constructed series until they got to the final arc.

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@taichokage: Well, everybody has their opinion. I myself never liked Naruto, because 1. I am a hardcore DBZ fan.

2. I tried watching it, but it's sooooooo boring! I never felt like when I was watching DBZ, Bleach & Toriko.

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All depends I guess. Bleach is really cool for me, but I enjoy Naruto too. It's just by the construction of events and shits that Naruto gets better than Bleach. At least Naruto is straight at going from impressive until the entire thing was trolled by Kishimoto. I loved watching Bleach until after the defeat of Aizen and a few episodes after that.

And in the anime, in Naruto you can still understand the series even though it got a lot of cow manure there with fillers. Sometimes when I'm streaming Bleach, I was watching an intense fight in this episode, and it wasn't finished. The next episode, Ichigo was at school :l

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I'm a huge fan of both series, but the thing that puts Naruto above Bleach is the characters. In Bleach, the villains are 3418947124837x more interesting than the heroes. Starkk alone is more interesting than most of the Gotei 13 combined. The only heroes I find to be actually interesting in Bleach are Mayuri and Kenpachi, and they really do a good job at keeping everyone on their toes when they show up. But the backgrounds of the other heroes in Bleach are really generic. They were either high class people or, in Ichigo's case, had a parent or other relative die. In Naruto, both the heroes and villains are incredibly and you can really get behind a lot of characters. While some backstories are similar, mainly the Jinchuriki, many people can relate to them and every fan can identify with at least one character in Naruto. Yes, people can relate to Bleach characters, but Naruto goes to great lengths to show you who these people are and why they do the things they do. For example, I used to hate Gaara with a passion. They way he killed people mercilessly and treated his brother and sister like garbage. But once I saw his backstory, I cried a bit and he became one of my favorite characters. Even characters with not so interesting backstories, such as Deidara, have become some of my favorites due to their quirky personalities. Bleach characters have very little personality to them that watching them is almost like watching any other generic main character. Ichigo is awesome, I don't think anyone can dispute that. But Naruto's personality, character progression, backstory, and relationships with other characters trump Ichigo's by far. Naruto does have his flaws, but if he and Ichigo were to fight, I would be cheering for Naruto, and not because he is massively more powerful. Even if he was weaker than Ichigo (let's say Dangai Ichigo vs RM Naruto) I would still be rooting for him.

As a whole, Bleach and Naruto are similar yet different. The only thing that I like better about Bleach is that there are little to no flashbacks. I hate so many flashbacks! Cut it out Naruto! But when it comes down to it, the characters are what really make a series, and Naruto does that part better by leaps and bounds.

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