Why Manga needs it's own Crunchyroll

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I've been thinking about this for a while and I figure it's no good to keep it to myself. Maybe someone will find my ideas useful and do something productive with them.

If you're a manga fan, you have two choices: Wait for official tankobons to be released in your country (if the series you want gets licensed at all) after months or sometimes years of waiting or rely on fickle, often-time poor scanslations that could dissapear for months or years or just dry up at the drop of a hat. Neither one is what you'd call optimal.

A few years ago Funimation, Viz and other localization companies decided to change how they distribute anime in the West. This led to the rise of companies like Crunchyroll which provided fans with same-day subs for a monthly fee. Fans could get their anime fix in a timely fashion, while the creators got a cut of the profits that would have otherwise been lost to fansubs and piracy.

There has also been a explosive rise in tablets, devices that are PERFECT for reading manga and comics. American companies like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and others are already taking advantage of this with their Comixology and similar apps as well as providing free downloads with every physical comic book bought (a relatively recent occurrence, but quite a nice one).

So my question is this: Why hasn't anyone done this with manga? Why hasn't anyone tried to work directly with publishers like Shounen Jump to provide same-day translations for their international fans. Or what about the newly-rising webtoon blogs like Naver Comics? It's being done with anime and translating and editing a chapter of manga is nowhere near close as much effort as subbing and timing an episode (trust me, I've done both). Sure there's a smattering of manga on the Kindle store, but it's a minuscule effort at best.

I can't answer that question, but I do know this. Whoever figures it out first will happily have my money.

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I'd be willing to pay a CR-like subscription fee that gave me access to a library of content and had a CR-like delay (usually just 1 hour) between JP and US weekly releases. I don't have any interest in buying per volume though. I never reread manga so owning volumes digital volumes doesn't appeal to me at all. Viz offers something that's almost like that, but you have to wait two weeks after the JP chapters come out to read the US ones. I have no clue why they've set it up like that and it's almost like they aren't aware of scanlation sites that put up chapters 1-2 days after US releases rather than weeks.

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The manga side of the industry is having a hard enough time just embracing e-readers let alone something more advanced like what a CR style setup would be. I would just be happy if we can get something simple going.

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Viz Media has manga available to read online and with ereaders. However, most if not all of the manga available to read digitally is also available in the physical form (at least for the US). Companies have not yet embraced simulcasting manga. Which is too bad because then many people would be more likely to read the licensed version instead of scans. But I prefer manga in the physical form. I like holding it in my hand and the smell of a new manga. I'll keep reading scans of the latest chapters and unlicensed titles along with licensed ones to see if I want to buy them.

What I think needs to happen though is a merger. I think a 3-way joining of Kodansha, Del Rey, and Yen Press would be a big more forward. I think even more titles would be licensed, Tokyopop's series would be redone, and a good push for a digital simulcasting site would be made. Viz would have to watch its ass.

Then again, I've also felt that the company that licenses an anime should also license the manga. Would be interesting if FUNi got into the manga fray.

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I feel like the little and lesser known series still wouldn't get translated. The focus would be on the big money makers with an already established fanbase to bring the most amount of subscriptions in.
I probably wouldn't pay for a manga subscription service either, if I'm going to buy manga it'll be so I can own it in a physical book.
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There is a tremendous market for this kind of thing. These arent my own words, but there needs to be someone like Steve Jobs and iTunes. In other words, putting everything possible in one place. If anything, CrunchyRoll is probably the best medium. They have money right now, and more importantly a mind-share.

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