Why I think romance often ruins a story.(Still in progress).

Topic started by ownagepants on April 10, 2014. Last post by ShinobiX 1 month, 4 weeks ago.
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The problem with romance in shounen series is the "will they or won't they" dynamic that just drags on for 200 chapters without ever being resolved.
Seinen manga from what I saw does not have that problem.Guts and Casca get together within first 60 chapters or so and in Zetman ,Jin sleeps with his girlfriend quite fast.
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I think it depends on the manga if romance works. For example SAO was hurt quite badly by it. I mean for example one second Kirito and Asuna are at each others throats then the next episode they are freinds then the episode after that they got married. That was too fast for romance. Still in other mangas it can make i and has to be in there or it will be flat and useless. For example one of my favorite mangas' Medaka Box if it didn't have the romance aspect to it between Zenkichi and Medaka then there would be no real proper closure to the storyline and the ending would leave people just not wanting to reread.

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I never finished this but I don't think I will because if someone reads the comments everything I was gonna say has already been said.

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I agree. Most romance in anime is pretty predictable, but don't mind it if the chemistry between the two couple is good.

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