why dont people answer questions on here about my watch and china

Topic started by DMKTENN on Dec. 27, 2009. Last post by Tradog 5 years, 2 months ago.
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i wanna know why people dont answer why china is on my watch they goof of and dotnt tell em
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@DMKTENN: We don't like feeding trolls.
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im not a troll im just asking why china is on my watch what the heck does this have anything to do with trolling its a question jeez im new here you know so dont start trouble with me
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@DMKTENN: Considering you started a thread asking why people haven't answered a question you asked merely two minutes prior, that might just be why JJOR64 jumped to the troll conclusion. I would assume that, anyway.
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Well I'll be nice about it and say it this way: First off, with all do respect you need to improve and at least try typing with proper grammar and spelling to a point that people and respond without having to act like they are cracking a code just to read it. Typing ''i'' instead of ''I'' or ''wat'' instead of ''what'' is okay and sometimes unless you're RPing typing with a lower case letter at the beginning of a sentence is okay too. but you must use the space bar and spell right especially in the topic title otherwise people will come just to insult you or ignore you all together.  
Second try making a interesting topic, one that does not have to get closed after the first answer and threads like these are considered spam, you might want to ask the mods or staff about why your threads get closed and not the users who have no control over it anyway and if you have a minor question like this go to the ''thread of randoness'' post random questions like this there or PM a friend,staff, or mod that is willing and patient enough to answer the question. 
Anyway to answer your question it most likely says ''China'' on it because it was manufactured in china or came from china, just like some video games have bandai or ''TM'' on the case and some action figures and toys have that too, you would see the same thing is it was made in Korea (Like my note books) or Brazil ect.
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