Why dont american tv stations care about anime anymore?

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I know theres dbz kai, pokemon, naruto shippuden, and other small animes but its nowhere near the amount that used to be on. They barely even advertise for anime anymore they only time I see it being advertised is on the actual dvds you buy and ads on the web. I just wanted to know what happened to make them stop caring.
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It just doesn't get watched by people who watch TV. Adult Swim airs anime almost the whole of Saturday and yet it's really rare for any anime to get in the top 3 of viewers on it.
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Here is the thing: The major TV networks most likely do not think that airing anime would benefit their ratings for their current line-up of shows. For example, those networks that have morning cartoon shows (CBS, CW, NBC, ABC), focus on cartoons that they have a market for and is in demand. Below is the lowdown on the channels:

  • SyFy Channel used to air Gurren Lagann and Monster episodes...but I have not seen them aired for over a year.
  • CW's Toonzai block of programing does feature DBZ: Kai and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, but most of their other cartoons are Sonic X, TMNT, and several others that I can not think of the names at this moment.
  • Starting in July, Marvel and G4's partnership begins with 4 new anime series in their program line-up: X-men, Blade, Iron-Man, and Wolverine.
  • Cartoon Network, which used to have the popular Toonami block of programing, has trimmed down on the anime shows that they feature nowadays, with BLEACH, FLCL, Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Cowboy Bebop, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, The Boondocks, and InuYasha still playing on the Adult Swim block of programing. They also air many of the different seasons of the POKEMON series during the weekdays.
  • Nickelodeon still plays both Dragon Ball Z: Kai and Disney still does Naruto: Shippuden as of this time.
  • Spike used to air some Stan Lee-backed cartoons back in the day, mainly the horrid Stripperella one (with Pamela Anderson) that had the plug pulled.
  • 4Kids used to air One Piece back in the early 2000's, but they got the plug pulled when people found out how heavily censored/modified the 4Kids version of One Piece was compared to the original version of the show. They removed key parts of the story, changed around some of the plot, replaced things that they deemed as bad with other items (Sanji's cigarette was replaced with a sucker), and made a mess of the series. FUNimation finally picked up the rights to One Piece and have been working hard to give One Piece the proper treatment that it deserves, not butcher it like 4Kids did.

So other than that, I am not fully sure as to why anime does not get more love in the USA. I wish that more of the networks would air anime so that myself and others could enjoy watching them.

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Netflix has a surprisingly large amount of anime. I finished watching Devil May Cry, Darker Than Black, Ouran Highschool Host Club, and currently I'm watching Ghost Hound. :P
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TV stations in Canada don't play em either  
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anime had its moment  , but today i'm not sure.  i don't see many animes on tv just like before lately   . i think  videogames and internet have to do with this.
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Yes it is mostly because of the internet. Now you can see anime so easily than you could before.

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Online Now

I don't really care, I just watch anime on DVD

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@LuffyDUzumaki: Money. If these shows were pulling in huge ratings there would be more of them on.

I think the internet hurts it. If you got super deep into Bleach on Cartoon Network, you could go on the internet and legally/illegally watch like 200 episodes past where the broadcast is. That can't be helpful.

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Anime is just so much more easily accessible over the internet...  and u can watch it the way u want it, whether subbed or dubbed. 
 But i feel anime is still super popular... i mean if u look up Naruto in google search statistics, it's 2x more searched than Justin Bieber... *YAY!*  
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I think it's because most of the anime released right now is not universal in the sense that is mostly high school echi comedies that most American (or any other country for that matter) people can't relate to, that's why you'll mostly find sci-fi/shonen shows tht aren't so focused in a certain aspect of Japanese culture.

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Ugh...these threads are never going to die, are they?
The reason Adult Swim (or insert network here) prefers to take on original cartoons/shows as opposed to awesome anime is because they get a cut of everything from an originally-produced show: merchandising, advertising, DVD sales, everything. Whereas in anime, the only thing they get a cut of are the eyeballs for the ad time they sell during that show. This might be an oversimplification, but this is why they only want to license an anime if it's a "sure thing." For example, as funny as seeing Gintama on a US TV channel would be, if someone went out and bought a DVD of the show later, the money would be split between Section 23 (the US licensor) and the Japanese people who did most of the work on the show. The network would start at a disadvantage in terms of negotiating its cut of the profits.
Also, shout-outs to piracy, death of anime-watching in US, blahblahblah...
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Funny you mention that. I just refuse to watch the sub because I like the dub. So I'm only on ep 210 because that is where it is so far on CN.
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@InfiniteGeass: You realize that Williams Street supposedly hates anime, right? 
@ShadowKnight508: Don't mention 4Kids entertainment ever again... they mess shit up to no end. 
@SilverGalford: Along with a number of members of anonymous and 4chan.
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