Why do Asian girls love Doraemon so much?

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You're lucky that you visited the temples. I wished I could travel. I only visited temples in my town. From my experiences, a lot of the Theravada temples have figurines that came from other religions like Daoism.

Do you think Doraemon's age makes him so popular compared to other cute things

Of course.

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@ronki23: No, not that it's uncool. Most everybody likes Pokemon, even grown men if for nothing more than nostalgia.

But the thing is, unless your a serious Pokemon fan, chances are if your a 80s or 90s child, your not gonna know many Pokemon outside of Gen 1. And even within that, most people only remember Pikachu since it's THE Pokemon and maybe the starters. But if the person likes Doraemon more than Pikachu, that's that.

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@UltimateHero0406: but if Pokemon's popular in China, surely they'd be into the modern ones. Anyway, if it was popular there i'm sure they'd be into other cute Pokemon from Gen 1.5 (let's be realistic here, Pokemon has been popular from it's anime and movies so there'd be Marril and Togepi as 'cute' gen II alongside Jigglypuff/Wigglytuff,Clefairy/Clefable,the starter Pokemon)

Not sure what Asian girls think of Pokemon but if a Western girl went around wearing Pokemon clothing/accessories, she'd be seen as a geek. It's more of a gaming thing in the West now

As for the ones I know, there are 4 girls into Doraemon but not other cute things. You can't think all like Doraemon more than other cute things?

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@ronki23: People don't have to avidly follow a series for it to be popular. I know truck loads of people who make Goku and super saiyan references even though they've never seen more than a few episodes of DBZ when they were little. It's like that with the girls too. They may have been into Pokemon when they were little and possibly even tiptoed into gen 2 during their teenage years meaning they would know the memorable pokemon but still not a whole lot. They can remember the cute memorable pokemon. But if you put those guys into a ratio next to the rest of that pokemon generation that they don't remember, its kinda like knowing almost none. And then, even if they remember them, it's not like their automatically going to adore them forever. If they only kinda remember those pokemon, there kinda just there in the back of their minds and that's where they'll stay until a conversation about poke nostalgia comes up. After that, it's back to the mind dungeon with them.

As for modern gens, like I said, if your talking about 80s/90s kids, unless they have been seriously following the series up until now, chances are that there not gonna know any pokemans past gen 2. Gen 3 at best. The girls your talking about are 5 years old, watching the pokemon cartoons now on saturday mornings and will 10 years from now be remembering them. So they'll pretty much be in the same situation that we are in.

As for the merchandise, I think your a little off about that. Girls, nowadays, can pretty much wear what they like within certain boundaries without being seen as a geek. If a girl went around with a pikachu t shirt or , nobody would mind since girls wear stuff with cartoon characters all the time. Even popular girls wear stuff like Spongebob socks and their friends are like "oh, thats cute" and pay it no mind. Now if she way wearing yugioh or naruto stuff, that might be a little different. It's because pokemon is pretty much a household name and is known to almost everybody that it ceases to become nerdy in moderation.

And finally, all girls like different things for the most part. This is because they all grew up a different way. If they watched Doraemon more than Pokemon, they will lean towards Doraemon. If they were introduced to Doraemon more recently and thought it was cute, then pokemon would kinda get pushed to the back of their mind while doraemon becomes somewhat of a trend. However the best way to know would be to ask them directly since the only 100% accurate answer you can get will come from them.

And then another thing to remember is that even though they are of a certain race, these girls are still girls and see many things exactly the same way as girls from other backgrounds see them so there probably won't be some huge mysterious answer if you ask them that you wouldn't get from a girl of a different race.

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@UltimateHero0406: these girls are 22-24 year old Chinese grad students (who themselves are very cute-well, most of them anyway)

Going off-topic but the ones that try too hard to act cute are annoying. It's called Aegyo I believe-the pretty ones are normally quiet and are only loud when they get into conversations (which is naturally more frequent when they speak in Mandarin to other Chinese.

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@ronki23: Then yeah, they are 90s kids.

And very cool. You should try and get a date if your not already in a relationship lol

Do you speak Mandarin as well?

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@UltimateHero0406:I tried with both the date and Mandarin but both to bad extent

Not only the Asian girls but the Asian boys stopped talking to me. We are on a Postgrad course and our last assignment was 6th September. The one before that was 2nd August and 4 of us went to lunch, then after the 4th August ALL of them stopped talking to me for an unknown reason. On the 15th July another 4 of us went to lunch too.

But I found out that 4-5 of them went travelling in the UK without me, even after I suggested it

8 went to the theme (Chinese,Thai and Malaysian) park 3 days after I suggested it

and 2 of them are couples and spend 100% of their time together. One of the guys was my best friends (Taiwanese) and never replies anymore-saying his girlfriend wants this or that, she's unwell,blah blah

my best friend out of these Asians (more than 10) stopped replying to me

and a girl I found cute who I went to lunch with left the country on 16th August. I asked my friend for her WeChat ID so no reply. I facebooked her a friend request and asked her what her WeChat was/I gave mine but all I saw was a "read" sign

and that was going on facebook after 2 months. I then find a Chinese friend (unrelated to these ones) unfriended me even though he's nothing to do with these ones

So I have had bad experiences with quite a lot of East Asians. Unfortunately, I am an Indian but I never got along with the Indians either :( It seems Asians don't like me for reasons unknown

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@ronki23: Dang dude. That's crazy. Something like that happened to me a couple times so I know the feeling.

My theory is that they originally all saw you as just a friend. But when you tried to ask one if the girls out, you were going past the friend mark which kinda wierded them out so they kinda just tried to phase you out of the group to keep it from getting awkward.

Imo it would have been better to wait until one of them showed interest in you and then ask. With seemingly tight knit groups, it's better to let them come to you then try to manually make your way in. And if they don't show interest, then it probably wasn't going to work out anyway. And then, some people just aren't interested in dating outside of their immediate group so it may not have been you at all.

So I don't think that they didn't like you as a person but you may have just tried to move too fast in the friendship. That goes for any social group you try to enter.

Also, you can also take comfort in the fact that even with all the stuff that's going on with you, my college life is still complete crap compared to yours. The fact that you even have the option to travel and do all sorts of stuff with friends is awesome.

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@UltimateHero0406:I guess but some of them don't even know each other so it can't have been to do with that-especially when several groups did things without me

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@ronki23: Hmm, yeah that is odd. It's possible that after hearing from a distance of what happened, the other groups wanted to prevent a similar happening. Word traveling through acquaintances is just as good as word traveling within a friend group.

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@ronki23: But imo, I wouldn't really want to be friends with people who would just up and exclude me so easily. If they don't see you as a good friend even after all this time, then you shouldn't care about how they feel about you dude :)

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