Why Danger 5 would make a good anime

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first some back ground...


a trailer..

where to see more..


Why it would work as a anime? its a self aware parody of adventure movies from the 60s an 70s.Just silly enuff to be fun .Its comedy style could fit along side Lupin III .Tho part of the shows charm is the low budget special effects an claymation it still would work as anime.An to prove it would work in anime..


Not the same thing but similar comedy.Except Danger 5 takes it self maybe itrself 3 notchs higher seriously... maybe.

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Danger 5 is by the same crew that made Italian Spiderman. Look that up on Youtube if you have not already.

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@DocHaus: i have seen that.Pretty funy. Also note guy who plays hitler in Danger 5 is one of the shows creators.He keeps going threw that same window to.

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One character looks like she's in a school girl uniform and another looks like her role is purely fan service. They're partly there already. The only reservation is that while anime will parody itself to great degree, I haven't seen too many that parody non-anime stuff. I don't know if it's a Japanese thing of being polite and not wanting to insult something that you aren't associated with (ie anime parodying something not anime) or what, but they don't do it too much.

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@sickVisionz: Danger 5 even has nose bleeds when looking ahem in places one should not.But i duno anime can make fun of stuff out side its own wheel house. A good example would be Cat Planet Cuties which i prefer its other name Bombshells from the sky.It parodies many tv an sci fi shows in the open for each episode.

An i dont see WW2 parody being off limits because we have Hetalia: Axis Powers even a show almost the yin to the yang of Danger 5 in Girls und Panzer.Or would that be yang to yin ?Where as Danger 5 is a 60's styled parody of pulp magiznes .A elite squad doing clandestine work in WW2 . Girls und Panzer one could say is a parody of cute girly shows but with tanks.In a peaceful future time .

Its posible we could see a second season of this to. http://www.sbs.com.au/danger5/index.html is still up an im not sure if they do seasons down under like they do for british tv.Either way i belive it could be a fine anime or cartoon ala adult swim.

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