"Why are they blushing?!" Dating sims.

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      Love them or ignore them they are a part of our industry and I was thinking to myself where did I start on my dating sim path.  I mean I can assure you my first dating sim was not H but how do we find the gate way drug, that brings us from an innocent dating sim, to the concept most americans think of when they think of Dating sims.

   My first dating sim was Love Hina for the Gameboy Advance. In reality I guess it kind of makes sense, being early in my otakuhood as I was looking through the internet I cam across a dating sim for the gameboy advance translated in english.  It was of an anime I had been interested in Love Hina, which provided a nice into dating game standard such as flags and working on one girl. The game was very well done even if the translation was not the best, it included full motion video something I had never seen on a GBA before. My path was clear and I fell in love with the concept of dating games but it would be awhile before I would get my hands on my first H-dating sim.

   Tsukihime would become my first  H-game but it was interesting how I became interested in it in the first place. I had been introduced to the doujin game Melty Blood and while playing the main story My Friend and I while we could not understand a word written on the screen. We enjoyed making fun of the random blushes of of the main characters and thus my title, "why are they blushing!?"  When I found out that Tsukihime its origin game was an erotic game I just had to check this out so I procured tsukihime, and became very intrigued indeed. Ero dating sims had "rewards" for you during the scenario, this defidently has shaped my enjoyment to this day .

    Now I can even enjoy classics such as x-change and Raidy. and so now I throw this to you my fellow anime vice readers and also to the staff what was your first dating sim and was it ero? Please leave yours answers as comments, until then I'll be "investigating" some more.
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How is Tsukihime a dating game? Enlighten me on that, please.  It most definitely is not one so I don't see why you would think it is...  My first and all-time favorite hentai game is Fate/stay night, by far.
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sorry should I use the term visual novel is in much in the same sort of tradition is also an H game.  I guess that calling it a  ero visual novel would be a better termage. but I know tsukihime has differnt paths each with the females, yep sounds much like a dating sim to me. unfortunatly I lost all my work I had on it with my laptop So I won't be able to finish it so now while I use the fmaily computer. so you might be right sorry if I am wrong.

fixed some termage.
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I think the main thing Void Wizard is trying to say is that the term dating sim is usually used to describe a particular sub-genre of visual novel, most often implying where the ultimate goal is to get hooked up with a girl, rather than say, just read read through it like a book.

In my opinion Tsukihime walks on the gray line between the two. Each of the routes are specifically for each girl character, with a sex scene for each, and in most of them the female protagonist seems to be the focal point of the entire story. Compare this to Fate/Stay Night, where each of the routes has the sex scenes as practically an afterthought, and the female leads aren't necessarily the plot focus (Unlimited Blade Works holds this especially true; Rin is almost a secondary character even though that's supposed to be her route!).

Personally I just find the whole stereotype in-of-itself quite ironic. By comparison to regular visual novels and eroge games, games that fit the description of a traditional dating sim are pretty few and far apart.

Anyway, answering the original question as to where I got started: My first visual novel was Clannad, then the Fate route of Fate/Stay Night, then Tsukihime, then Little Busters, then a few in between, then the UBW route of FSN, then I went back and found that one that by Hirameki called Ever 17, and then so many more I can't stand to name them all, and now  I finally got around to finishing the Heaven's Feel route of FSN... You could say I've played a few, lol. Though, I have honestly never played an honest to goodness eroge game. Some people say Tsukihime or Little Busters would count, but I seriously have to disagree. They may be H-games, but the H-scenes are minimal by comparison to other H-games, and no offense, but I don't know of a single person who ever cared in the slightest for the H-scenes in Tsukihime. Hell, most people either skip them to hurry reading and find out what awesome stuff happens next, or they sit through it and laugh at Kinoko's hilarious analogies.
I would not have been surprised if Nasu wrote something this weird.
I would not have been surprised if Nasu wrote something this weird.

(See this if you don't get it)
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HeeroYuy said:

I would not have been surprised if Nasu wrote something this weird.
I would not have been surprised if Nasu wrote something this weird.

(See this if you don't get it)"
LOL WUT? that is whack
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