Why are Shounens so long?

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As much as I love shounens even I have to admit some series are ridiculously long Detective Conan 600+ episodes ,The Whole Dragonball franchise 500+, Naruto 400+ and so on. 

Plus One Piece and Bleach are predicted to go on for 10 more years. Just why do they always have to be so long is it because of popularity or sales?

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Yup it all because of money. 
Dragon Ball was suppose to end very early, but the fat cats upstairs forced the author to produce more every week, to the point he felt it was a chore to draw manga. 
This is likely the same story with Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. However One Piece recently had a 1month break. I dont recall Bleach or Naruto having a long spell break like that.
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For money or fun (Oda-sama said he love working on One Piece, that why its so good)

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Mangeka gotta eat. If they see that their series is selling well then you bet your ass they'll keep it going for as long as possible. I know I would.
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I know that the mangaka genuinly enjoy what they do. Oda and Kishi are perfect examples. I'm pretty sure Oda has explicitly said that One Piece was originally supposed to be less than 500 chapters, but he extended it because he was having so much fun. And reading the autobiographical entries Kishi put into Part 1 of Naruto reveal just how much he loves what he does and how hard he worked to get to that point. And they also get paid. But i don't think that's quite as important to them as you might think, the aforementioned autobiographical entries by Kishi also  say that he has very little free time, because most of it is spent on the artwork and chapters. Money's not as big a deal when you don't have the time to spend it. Still important though.
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The industry is becoming weaker by the day. Companies like Shonen Jump need those big series to keep them afloat, because there's no guarantee that someone has the next "Once Piece" waiting in the wings. 
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You can blame that on the internet (dumb computers)

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