Why anime has not yet managed to implement in the West as in Japa

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    Why anime has not yet managed to implement in the West as in Japan ?
In your opinion 
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Because we are two different countries with two different cultures

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I'd say there's still a slight stigma against anime and otakudom as a whole due to the rather strange behaviors we exhibit. Then again... Xbox fan boys are just as bad as us.
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I'm not so sure it hasn't. The airing of animes on official streaming websites is on the rise. Also, sales of manga are pretty high, and that's with rampant piracy. FUNimation is airing One Piece episodes an hour after they air in japan.

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I think it is kind of like DHK said. I think you can see this in the comedy and in the romantic relationships in anime
The western comedy is usually based on graphic jokes or pop culture while anime humor is very "saturday morning cartoon"-like.
 The romanctic relationships , I would say that the western ones a much straight to the point then the Japanese where 14 year old guys are ashamed when seeing a nude girl's body or even touching her breast.
And I will also add the usage anime has of teenagers which may be found to be weird in the west not only because the fact a 15 year old is too young to save the world but also because of things  like loli and Dance in the vampire bund
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I don't know what you mean by "implement" so I'm going to guess you mean successful. I think it has been successful over here though. In Japan, anime isn't what all the "cool kids" are into and it has a similar status here as well. I've never seen concrete sales numbers for the West so I can't comment on whether or not titles sell better over here, but from what I've heard about Japan, a series selling 21,000+ units in it's entirety is seen as a success, which doesn't seem like a number that the West couldn't pull.

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It's growing, and there isn't a doubt in my mind that we are slowly catching up in popularity of anime and manga with Japan. 
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We'll take over eventually i'm certain of that. It's slowly but surely taking hold over here where as I grew up with just DBZ and Tenchi, my little sister has Fruits Basket and Kimi no Todoke, my brother has Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. As more is released over here more people will take it up.

There will be a huge explosion in a few years when us 16-21 year olds have kids, I plan to have my kids grow up with Ghibli and hopefully more Hosoda films as I expect everyone here will. Eventually the majority gets educated to it all.

My biggest concern is that as our market grows and the japanese shrinks more and more anime will be either marketed directly at us which will make it lose it's charm and creators might want to play it safe with ecchi and shounen and we'll see the good stuff dry up. just look at the previous few seasons although is Code Geass R3 is this season i'll be happy.

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