Who will become the next HST?

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After seeing the end of the Bleach anime, i realized bleach's time in the manga must be coming to an end very soon, or they would have just put in a large ass filler. Naruto's time is about to end as well as we all know, its end is just around the corner. While One Piece still has ten years in the range (THANK GOD!) it got me wondering, who will take the reigns as supreme anime/manga? while many would think either Toriko or Fairy Tail would be on the list, I'm not so sure. Toriko has a very differnt art type which was part of the thing that kept me away, and it is deep into the series already, and I havent even picked it up yet! Fairy Tail has grown in popularity over the years, but its continuous talk of the power of friendship and its overuse of FANSERVICE are definitely what I think will keep it down, but what do you all think? What anime/mangas have what it takes to become the next HST?

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To be in the HST, they have to be in Shonen Jump. Which Fairy Tail isn't apart of

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Probably Toriko, Beelzebub and Claymore. That's not including the other big trio right besides tha HST that have been around longer than the three mentioned before (namely Hunter x Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn and D. Gray Man). But honestly, I don't see One Piece going anywhere for the next decade or more. Really it will be One Piece and two of the forementioned anime most likely.
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If the rumors I have heard circulating some sites and forums are true, I've heard that Bleach was recently dethroned from being among Shounen Jump's top three popular titles by Toriko.
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I've heard that as well, but Toriko has never been more popular on a site or forum that I've been on or rarely so. I don't think it has had more sales lately either. Although Bleach is older and naturally would have sold more volumes, even relative to the amount of time, Bleach has sold around double Toriko. (Bleach over 75 million over 11 years and Toriko over 12 million over four years).
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been done like I said before

I would also say Detective Conan, but America already ruined that chance with that crappy dub. Sometimes I'm glad to be arab, we had so much more anime dubbed(although they exaugerate with the censors), and the fact that I live in isreal(therefore speak hebrew) I get a little bit more dubs from that.

so.. naruto and one peice are diffenetly to stay. They'll find a way to milk more out of the Naruto franchise, I'm sure.

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toriko will enter for sure.

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