Which should I give a chance and sit through?(and why)

Topic started by justanormalguy on Dec. 30, 2011. Last post by AURON570 2 years, 8 months ago.
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  • One Piece
  • Bleach
  • Naruto
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Lol it sounds like you already have an idea of what you want to watch, and already have some idea of what each series is about and what you like/dislike about each of them. So go with whatever you're feeling.

And if you're honestly feeling REALLY stuck on which one to watch, here, use a random number generator, it has helped me make some decisions when I'm stuck figuring out what to watch next.

Also, you're not really being forced to watch only one of them... If you want you could try watching all three of them, two of them, one of them or none of them. Honestly it's up to you.

I'd still recommend One Piece anyway, I was also very sceptical of the whole concept of One Piece, the art style, pirates... But I'm around episode 87 now, and I'm loving it. A lot of people are saying to start watching from certain arcs or episode, but I still think it is important to watch any series from the beginning. You'll get the whole picture and get to know the characters and their stories over a longer period of time.

Also if you're going into these long series, I think it is a bad idea to go into the series wondering "when it's going to get good". Because that just clouds your judgment about what's actually happening. Don't worry about "catching up", just watch at your own pace. Most importantly watch what you find interesting or cool, but don't write off series so easily.

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