Which anime should I watch?

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Hi, I'd just like to know which new anime and manga I should take interest in. I like the genre SHOUJO, but I do enjoy others.

I've watched:

Fruits Basket


Ouran High School Host Club

Kaichou Ha Maid Sama

One Piece

Bokura Ga Ita

These are just a few!

I'm new, so please tach me the ins and outs of this site! Thank You!

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Soul Eater & Nana

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I recommended these to another Anime Vice member.

Action Shonen Shows

  • Blue Exorcist - It's about a brash young man who can't find a job and seem to get into trouble a lot. He lives with his father, a priest, and his twin brother, a very bright person. One day, he finds a startling truth about his origin that forever changed his life. He vows to to become the best exorcist to kick Satan's ass.
  • Fairy Tail - If you love One Piece, this series is a bit cliche but it revolves around magic and guilds. It's about Natsu and his Fairy Tail guild's adventures where the fight bad guilds and face their pasts.
  • Soul Eater - It's like Pokemon where you have a team of two: a meister and a weapon. Weapons are humans who can transform into weapons that a meister wields to fight witches and bad guys. The goal for the two is that the weapon must consume 99 souls and 1 witch' soul to become a death scythe. The anime ended abruptly, so you have to read the manga. Also, the goal is somewhat ignored when DWMA (a school for meisters and weapons) have to fight a war with old enemies of Shinigami.

I added synopsis to Soul Eater.

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Thank You! They ALL look SOOO good!

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@sosgirl10: everyone should watch "Bobobo-bo bo-bobo" atleast once in there life if the're into comedy, and crazy fun. yep that is the name of the show. also, you said you like shoujo, well Fushigi Yuugi is the most shoujo anime out of all shoujos that has ever shoujoed. and I see you have some shonen martial arts anime, so if you haven't seen Yuyu Hakosho then you should give this classic a go. bleach ripped it off btw.

@takashichea: not to be a jerk or anything, but the BE link leads to a list.

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I'll edit it in a moment. Thank you.

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I looked at your "Anime I Really Liked" list and a number of my planned suggestions were already there. I'm pleased to see someone besides myself who knows of and enjoyed Itazura na Kiss, Aishiteruze Baby and Yumeiro Pâtissière. School Rumble is my absolute favorite anime. I still have quite a few titles I will mention, though.

Magical Girls and shows with similar elements

  1. Shugo Chara! (and sequels) -- A mostly traditional magical girl series but with a very introspective female protagonist. A step above what you might expect.
  2. Maho Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha [Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha] -- A series that redefined the genre and allowed a darker direction for similar shows which followed (Puella Magi Madoka Magica).
  3. Magic Knight Rayearth -- A classic that mixed Magical-Girl-ness with giant robots. Season 1 is good, season 2 is very good.

Romances and romantic comedies

  1. Kimi no Todoke (and sequel) -- A kind quite girl who bears a striking resemblance to the lead character from the horror movie, The Ring, finds love with a classmate while redefining her school image.
  2. Kare Kano [His and Her Circumstances] -- The smartest romance/comedy I've seen. The two captivating leads and the script elevate this one above all others. However the anime stops in the middle of the story. Read the manga if you want to know how their relationship evolves.
  3. Nodame Cantabile (and sequels) -- This show is about two genius musicians who develop their relationship as they study and practice classical music. The compositions by history's masters play a big role in this show. I found it fascinating.
  4. Lovely Complex -- What happens when a really tall girl falls in love with a rather short guy? A sweet high school comedy about self-confidence and gender roles.
  5. Cheeky Angel -- Also about gender roles to a degree. Six years after a boy was turned into a girl by a mischievous genie, she attends high school and becomes the object of a group of boys' attention.

Straight up comedies

  1. Shinryaku! Ika Musume (and sequel) -- "Squid Girl" rises from the sea to conquer the human world...and winds up working at a beach front cafe.
  2. Nichijou -- A series of short skits involve three high school girls as well as an 8-year old scientific super-genius, her robot housekeeper and a talking cat.
  3. Mitsudomoe (and sequel) -- Three sisters attend the same 6th grade class and create chaos for their teacher. Very funny with lots of miscommunication humor.
  4. Working! (and sequel) -- A work place comedy about a family restaurant and its employees. A fun show where all the characters aren't in still in school.

Slice of Life comedies

  1. Minami-ke (and sequels) -- The three Minami sister live together and experience the wonders of daily life
  2. Hidamari Sketch (and sequels) -- Four girls room in an apartment complex across the street from the art school they attend.
  3. A-Channel - Four high school girls do stuff
  4. Lucky Star - Four high school girls do stuff (one is an otaku).
  5. Azumanga Daioh - a crazier than normal slice-of-life show about a class of high schoolers. A must-see for S-o-L fans.

Action shows with engaging female protagonists

  1. Nadia Secret of Blue Water -- A mysterious girl is joined by an inventive French boy to search for her missing father while being pursued by ne'er-do-wells. Love blossoms during their "steam punk" adventure.
  2. Eureka Seven -- another romantic action series, this time the young couple are giant robot pilots struggling to survive in a complex world. A favorite of mine.
  3. Katanagatari -- A sheltered young man is joined by the king's female emissary on a mission to recover 12 lost swords of power. My choice for the best anime made in the last 5 years.
  4. R.O.D. the TV -- A group of "paper witches" uncover a series of secrets about the world they live in while trying to protect an author.
  5. Witch Hunter Robin -- A young witch initiate approved by the Church joins a team of anti-magic hunters and pursues other witch criminals.

Unclassified shows with engaging female characters

  1. Gosick -- A shut-in gothic loli-styled girl is aided by an inquisitive transfer student and solves a series of criminal cases with Sherlock Holmes-like deductive reasoning.
  2. Cross Game -- The relationship between a pair of childhood friends encounters new anxieties as romance develops while they make their mark on the baseball diamond. My favorite sports-based anime.
  3. Usagi Drop -- a thirty-something man finds himself caring for his 6-year old Aunt and comes to understand the responsibilities of parenthood. The manga takes things in a different direction 10 years after this show.
  4. Ghost Hunt -- A high school girl gets a job at a detective agency which specializes in the paranormal. Cases are usually 4 to 5 episodes long.
  5. Taishou Yakyuu Musume [Taisho Baseball Girls] - A lighthearted tale of a 1925 Japan and a group of middle school girls starting their own baseball team.

There are also a few shows I haven't seen yet but have good reputations; Nana, Saiunkoku Monogatari [The Story of Saiunkoku], Kaleido Star and Skip Beat! Also I saw 1 episode of Super Gals and I think it has promise, but I can't say any more than that.

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@PenguinDust: Thank you Soo much for all this ANIME!

I have watched Aishiteruze Baby, and it really made me cry. I'm so sad that it doesn't have much of a fan base. :I

Itazura Na Kiss was my first anime I EVER watched, and thank goodness, because it's what got me hooked on anime. I'm so glad you like it too. :D

I hope we can discuss these animes later. Thank you!

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@Killer_of_trolls: Thank you. I think I have heard of some of these animes, and I will check them out! Thank you. It's much appreciated. :D

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Welcome to the site. I'd suggest some series but PenguinDust has already given you so many and it seems series you enjoy are outside my knowledge and fanbase.

Still, take a look at the Guides on the site and my Dunce Cap blogs to see if there is anything you might like. Feel free to ask me or any other user if you would like more information on shows or have more questions.

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@sotyfan16: Thank You for your help. It's very nice :D

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@sosgirl10: Peach Girl and Marmalade Boy. The latter being a classic.

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Kekkaishi!!! also the manga is even more awesome!!

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haruhi suzumiya(one of a kind)


the world only god knows(funny)

elfen lied(for mature anime fans only)

inuyasha(demons at its best and romance)

11 eyes( for semimature anime fans)

sword art online(?)

future diary(mature)


kenichi the mightiest disciple(funny and action)

Death note( WATCH IT!!!!!!)


familiar of zero( romance + harry potter)

full metal alchemist( both of them)

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@waybig1010101: I think you mean Sword Art Online. I would recommend this also.

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@Acura_Max: thanks for pointing that out i must have hit the e key than the t key by mistake

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