Where do the AMVs that die go?

Topic started by Trylks on Sept. 28, 2011. Last post by Trylks 2 years, 4 months ago.
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I like AMVs, actually there are AMVs that are even better than the original, IMHO. For instance there were lots of AMVs with the fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra (Bleach) with the music of Becoming Insane (Infected Mushroom), and some of them were better than the original IMHO. However, apparently youtube deleted them, and I guess people who made them, since they invested some time in it, would decide to move them somewhere else. I was wondering where may they be, because there are lots of video streaming sites now, besides of youtube, of course. Do you know about any site that may be popular for AMV makers? A kind of AMV heaven where the ones that dissappear from youtube go?

Thank you.

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Sorry dude, but there no such thing as AMV Heaven

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There has to be, I mean, there is an AMV Hell...

I've seen vimeo and dailymotion have also a good number of AMVs, I hope AMV creators can host what they do safely somewhere.

I think the intellectual property laws allow the use for non-profit and with some other constraints, if I'm not mistaken. I mean, maybe the videos are illegal in some places, or problematic, and google doesn't like problems so youtube removes them, but for sure they are not illegal everywhere...

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so... bump?

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haha, if u like an amv that much just record it and keep it forever

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too late, dammit!

I hate when youtube deletes videos, I have many in my playlists and favourites that now I can't see because the videos or even the user accounts were deleted.

I know I could just download them, but clicking on "add to favorites" vs downloading seems so easy and comfortable, the reasons I don't do that are:

1. HD space.

2. It takes longer and is harder (even if it is just a few more clicks)

3. I don't really feel like downloading so many videos, I was expecting I could just watch them on youtube any time...

Yes, it would have been great to download them. I have 700+ videos in favorites and I don't feel like downloading them all, though... (just in case youtube goes bananas and starts deleting videos and removing user accounts)

It's the XXI century!, those videos have to be in the Internets!! (somewhere...)

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In all honesty I don't think I've ever seen a good AMV and it's probably a good thing a lot of them are lost forever.

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There was a site I'd found, go hunting for "Attack of the Otaku" by chiikaboom and you might find it. It's not a battle AMV, which has done a lot for its longevity.

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BTW: I remembered about an AMV for Piccolo fighting Cell and Android 17, the music was "There's no limit" from "2 Unlimited".

It seems to no longer exist on the interwebs...

That's very sad. Someone did it, and it was cool, among all the crap that is over there there could be something like this.

PD: Sorry, I'm sleepy and my English is even worse than usual.

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@Trylks: You should propose the idea of a site that's specifically for AMVs :D

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@5th: it's hard to come with something new on the Internet: http://www.animemusicvideos.org/home/home.php

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