What's up with AMVs?

Topic started by Enigma777 on Nov. 7, 2011. Last post by ComicMan24 3 years, 3 months ago.
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What's up with them?

You don't really see such a widespread adoption of them in other form of video media. Why are anime fans urged to slap some chopped up footage from their favorite anime to a bad Linkin Park song and post it on youtube? Even more, why are others urged to watch the said footage?

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The AMV Hell series are the only AMVs that matter. All others can be ignored.

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Because it looks awesome when done well.

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Because some younger people have shitty tastes?
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Because they're not all linkin park songs?

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Because some of them turn out to be epic?

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Because an awesome track and well synched scenes can actually compel you to go and watch said series?

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@Enigma777: Because they like it.

Personally I dislike most AMVs that I've seen because they're usually based around a fight but they replace a good score with some lame metal/techno song and you lose all of the sound effects, which are a very important part of the scene.

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A lot of people like AMV's (especially when they're editing and song choice was top notch), but it all depends on the user.

As of my opinion, I'm not much fond of AMV's as of late, but I have seen some in the past that I enjoyed.

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I don't think I have watched any AMVs.

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