whats the best thing you ever seen in an anime?

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explain, like example,
my favorite that ive seen was on gundam 00 like near the last episode when they had that huge space battle, but i also like the funny part in Dears when the 2 main characters are watching porn and they never heard of it there reactions to it was off the wall funny!
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i named 2 name 1
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goku goin ssj3
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@SSJjanemba: sp you a huge DBZ fan hu, well better then a Boboboo fan, thats as low as you can get that anime is a descrase to the word "anime"!
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That's one of the best scenes in an anime!    


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Episode 18 of Evangelion, You'll know it when you see it.
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 Mirai Trunks transforming to Super Saiyan for the first time.....  
also that video is from my chanel..... "SUBSCRIBE".... 
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this :
souchiro wantanabe ftw
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This scene made me a fan of Evangelion and anime forever.  Everything in the series up to this point seemed to be the perfect setup for making this an intense seen for violence and emotional content.  Visually, I love it. Every frame is perfect and could be turned into a poster.  With live actors that isn't the case since you have to take into account the set, outside lighting, technology available at the time to create the visuals, the actual ability of the actors to act and to have good body language and a host of other things.  With animation you don't really have these limits.  Every aspect of everything that goes into a frame is in 100% total control of the director so you really can get perfection on a frame to frame level.  It's rare for animation to pull off that level of detail and nail it 100%, but when they do I'm always super impressed by it.
It's a shame that 2.0 kinda ruined it by adding some poppy folk song as the score which almost makes the scene comical.
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Kenshin's struggle through a group of Tokugawa regime sympathizers to reach Tomoe in the final OAV of Rurouni Kenshin: Trust and Betrayal and then...
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