Whats next for Bleach?

Topic started by LuffyDUzumaki on Dec. 29, 2011. Last post by Newdeath 3 years, 3 months ago.
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What is Kubo going to do whats this next arc of Bleach going to be about I was thinking of a small flashback/Back Story arc of Ishinn.

Is it possible for Kubo to recover from the Fullbring arc because I know alot of people that dropped bleach and have lost faith.

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He can recover from lost faith but I don't know how well he'll recover from overpowering his main character. Since Ichigo has gotten back his powers he's already displayed strength well above a normal captain's. There are also currently no antagonists in bleach now that xcution has been dealt with. I think he only has one plot direction to go in and that is to introduce the zero squad, the king, and any other characters that are alleged and believed to be very powerful, because if Ichigo already overshadows the current elites, then there are no adventures or challenges left.
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Eh, perhaps Kubo will say that this is it, after Ichigo's sacrifice against Aizen, he just needed to power him up again, and now Ichigo will live out the rest of his living days as a Vizard, unable to be contested or defeated now that anyone whose stood in his path has been destroyed. When he dies, he'll be inducted fully into Soul Society as a Captain, etc, etc. We'll all say the Fullbring arc was akin to an epilogue, a necessary evil to usher in the proper end of Bleach.

Then again, Kubo's a troll, so I'm sure he'll make us think that one thing is going to happen, give us every reason for it to happen, then pull one eighty and do the exact opposite 'for the lulz'.

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The above scenario is good but not likely. Kubo stated less than a year ago that he intended for bleach to go on for an additional 10 years. By that statement, bleach is only about half over.
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Can I get some info on what is happening? Cause I wanted to check Bleach out....

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I don't think he still has his zanpakuto fused to your hand form (not the final getsuga tensho form, the one he was using before that) so they just need to introduce either more Captain-level bad guys or a handful of Top 3 Espada level bad guys.

Really though, I wouldn't mind the manga ending. The movies and filler arcs of Bleach are some of my favorite episodes and for the most part, they keep getting better and better while the canon keeps getting worse and worse. I say let the anime writers takeover Bleach similar to how the anime people took over the first Fullmetal Alchemist.

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Bleach at times makes it seem like Kubo's not even trying to tell a story. When Ginjo revealed the badge's true purpose and Ukitake being behind it all, Kubo could have set up such a great story and he could have further developed Ukitake's role in Bleach, perhaps as an antagonist. In fact, he could have even made Ichigo think back about Aizen and that he could have been right in what he was attempting to do. But I was really disappointed when it was all downplayed. I still read Bleach but I think it's all downhill from here.


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