What Would The Toriko Capture level Of These People Be?

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@othus12: Um...okay. A lot of people would die if put in that state so I'm not sure what this was about. If we're comparing yes Freeza has a different body from Goku. He's a different species that can survive without air and after having suffered horrible injuries. What's your point?

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@waybig1010101: yeah i meant his body cut in half.

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@GrayWolf2: the point is that saiyans, even though they are more powerful, cannot survive a planet explosion.

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@othus12 said:

@ohgodwhy: kid buu took the planet explosion with him fireza destroys planets from a safe distance, beng able to survive in pieces also helps. goku and vegeta were sure that the planet exploding would have killed them. it killed ultimate gohan for gods sake. ssj3 is sure stronger than ssj1 but omg it isnt as strong as some people say since there is nothing that can back that up and on the contrary there are tons of things that disregard him. name a good speed feat for ssj3. you are just multiplying shit like crazy .

Lol I'm not multiplying shit like crazy. Those multiplications are official DBZ multiplications and Goku's PL did go from about 20,000 (Vegeta Fight) to 3,000,000 (Frieza Fight). If anything, I'm massively under estimating how much more Goku's PL increased during the time from say Frieza to Cell (Where he spent 1 year in the hyperbolic time chamber).

Also Kid Buu should have been infinitely more powerful than Frieza so the fact that a planet exploding even hurt him is ridiculous enough. It's just poor story writing that's all.

There's 2 ways we can go with this IMO. 1) Never use anyone post Frieza saga in a debate because the story telling was complete BS after that point. 2) Use powerscaling to try and estimate how powerful the DBZ characters should have really been by this point.

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@ohgodwhy: yeah the PLs are official but it seems they took them out of their rear considering there are zero feats to prove buu is 100 times stronger than frieza. even if buu can one shot frieza that is not enough to prove it. ever thought the powerlevels were the one wrong instead of the story?

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@othus12: But that's what I'm saying, the PLs were one of the constants of DBZ and one of the only true ways of measuring how powerful someone was. You need to the PLs as a measuring stick so to disregard them completely, is IMO, a bit silly.

You might as well just get rid of capture levels in Toriko then because there's technically so many continent/world buster monsters in the Toriko world that you would expect the World to be obliterated everytime they fought, get what I mean?

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@ohgodwhy: wrong. toriko monsters have the fighting capability but not always the DC (invaitdeath has powerful poison but not the continent DC of the mounturtle, still they are on the same level). unlike dragon ball characters which are measured by the same stick which is ki.

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@othus12: You yourself have said in other threads that the highest capture level monsters in Toriko are planet busters, a point with which I agreed because it makes sense. If a monster with CL of 100 is a continent buster, I wouldn't be surprised if there are a couple of CL 600 monsters who are planet busters yet lo and behold, the Toriko world still survives.

The point I'm making is simple, the PLs in DBZ and the CLs in Toriko will after a certain point become redundant. They'll still be there as a measuring stick but in terms of what makes sense, they'll have surpassed that point. I mean if we want to talk sense, then how is it that anyone can even move in DBZ at FTL speeds without shattering themselves into a million pieces. You might as well question the fundamentals of all anime while we're at it.

I still stand by my point that PLs never became BS, only the story (which was originally meant to end at the Frieza saga as I previously mentioned) became BS. Technically speaking someone like Cell should be 100s of times stronger than Frieza, but you would never guess that from the anime if you saw it for the first time, know what I mean?

Therefore, SSJ3 Goku, who is 1000s of times stronger than SSJ Goku who fought Frieza will shit all over the Toriko verse.

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@ohgodwhy:by planet busters i meant planet level in fighting capablity. again, i dont know what kind of power/hax the top capture levels in toriko have. jiro has shown above planet level feats but his knocking skills are perfectly suited for not destroying the planet.

you cant compare since i showed you a really good example with invaitdeath and tokage would also be a great example..

there is NOTHING that suggests power levels are correct after frieza saga. that is a fact and even if you wanna blame anything else this is a fact that cannot be denied. by showings ssj3 goku seems about 4 times stronger than ssj1. nothing more than that. sorry but i dont wanna overhype dragon ball when it doesnt deserve it.

when they show a solar system level attack i will buy it. otherwise everything seems to point against the bullshit numbers.

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@othus12: Yup Toriko>SSJG Goku/Bills at the end of the series.

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@Ikki_Minami_: yeah, i mean..its alredy hitting super saiyan and its on episode 248.

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@othus12: I'm pretty sure Toriko is Super Saiyan level already though.

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I think the top Tiers of Toriko are hitting Super Saiyan level but not Toriko himself yet. I couldn't tell if you meant Toriko as a character or Toriko as a series.
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@Ikki_Minami_: maybe after this arc yeah.

@taichokage: ichiryuu would surely give ssj goku a painful death with minority world.

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