What SSj state was Broly in during his "Galaxy" bust?

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I've heard people here state that he was in a RSSj state during this event and I know most of if not all of you will disagree but I simply don't buy it, IMO It would be far more logical for him to LSSj (his strongest) when performing what appears to be the single greatest destructive feat in DBZ shown thus far. This is assuming that the feat isn't an outlier.

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That would make more sense, but I don't see how Broly's father would have a chance to restrain him once in LSSJ. He eventually broke the control even in RSSJ. Broly simply defies even the little bit of logic DBZ has.
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Yeah I would have to agree with taichokage here, this amazing feat would have to have been performed by RSSJ Broly as there would be no way that he would have reverted back from LSSJ. On a side note, if this feat is not an outlier, then the powerscaling used on the other villains would be freaking insane. I mean seriously, that would make Janemba a multi-galaxy buster then as well as Gogeta.

The logical explanation must be that Broly is simply an FTL star buster rather than a galaxy buster at JUST a pre-SSJ state.

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@IndridCold: @taichokage: I'd still have to disagree

there would be no way that he would have reverted back from LSSJ

I actually think there is evidence against this, in the two sequels he was found to have returned to his initial state while sleeping or incapacitated, meaning he cannot be LSSJ forever and can in fact revert, , also keep in mind that Paragus tried to place the control on Boly while he was sleeping, the optimal time to do so.

In the first Broly movie the slave population stated that the one who destroyed their home planet was not Paragus but was much "bigger and stronger" right before Trunks states that Broly is a toothpick in stature, his SSj form doesn't change his image much so it makes sense that they could have been speaking about his LSSj form and since Paragus's plan had been in the works for years it wouldn't be too far fetched for Broly to have been put under control after the population became slaves and witnessed Broly wreck their planet.

Also if Broly never transformed LSSj prior to the facing the Z warriors you'd think the transformation would get more of a reaction out of his father, yet his father looked on it as if it was mundane.

Then again maybe I'm thinking to much on this

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Possibly LSSJ, it could be he released a huge amount of ki and then reverted back. Then again could be RSSJ we just dont know.

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Broly has toon force.

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