What series do you think will get a power boost soon?

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Just as the title says. What anime or manga series will do you think will get a power boost soon? Why do you think so? In my opinion...

  • Kill La Kill - A planet-level threat is already confirmed, and they need to deal with it somehow. Trigger also mentioned in an interview how Kill La Kill will have "more heat" than Gurren Lagann.
  • Toriko - Out of the 6 most popular animes at the moment, Toriko is easily the strongest. Already planet-level feats and above are being hinted at (Jirou's planet punch, the myth of the Eclipse Beast).
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Other than those 2, Bleach and Seven Deadly Sins. Bleach has plenty level hype in Ichigo's and the Spirit King's case, plus most of the top tiers have yet to figh at their strongest, not the least of which is Bach. He's already Head Captain level, but he can reabsorb the power and abilities of all the 20+ Stern Ritter and anyone they've ever killed. Do you know how incredibly broken he will be? And the Seven Deadly Sins will get their sacred treasures. Only 2 have thus far, although Merlin and the last one may have theirs already.
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Naruto. They'll need another power boost greater than any other to take down another Juubi Jinchuriki - one more formidable than the last one at that.

Bleach - They're getting something new every chapter or two.

Toriko - They're probably gonna be at solid planet level.

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Engaged to the Unidentified and Golden Time. Ftl Mashiro and planet busting okamera imminent in next few weeks.

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There is Magi and maybe UQ holder with fairytale , 7 Deadly Sins. There are other but this will do

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Naruto and Bleach, especially Bleach seeing the Stern Ritters are monsters.

Naruto because Madara > Everyone.

Sasuke's definitely going to get a power up though, Gai, and likely Naruto too

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I watched kill la kill ep 21 today do you think they will surpass ttgl levels ? (Multigalaxylvl-universal)

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@mangafanVT: I kinda doubt it, unless Ragyo suddenly merges with the giant Life Fiber ball and somehow becomes the size of an Anti-spiral. I somehow doubt that will happen though, so I think that the series will we weaker than TTGL.

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Naruto since Madara is overpowered as shit.

Bleach has planet level hype and maybe tons of broken characters.

Toriko already has claims of planet to star busting.

If there is a new DBZ movie, Vegeta will most likely gain a power boost.

World Trigger may be gaining a power boost much later.

Same thing in OPM once Saitama gets really serious.

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@IndridCold: well bleach has a very hax character idk what his is name again i know he is part of the sternritter his imagination becomes reality we still dont know if its a illusion or if he can really do it

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Ao No Exorcist. Anagle Mole, and Cavalier of the Abyss...even tho it is already OP.

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toriko is gonna get a huge powerup

bleach too

naruto too.

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Highschool DxD

Fairy Tail

Blue Exorcist

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Fairy Tail

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Bleach, but due to hax mainly not raw power until we see Kenpachi. I can see Ichigo and a lot of other characters instantly surpassing all the other HST from hax alone, add in some serious speed boost and Bleach can top even Toriko who aside form Coco, does not have much in the way of hax, not in the common sense anyway, i mean I guess you can count intimidation, the ultimate routine, and the near light-speed attack as hax.

Naruto, Madara still only has one eye, Naruto and Sasuke still have not powered up, and we need to see Gai's efforts in the next chapter along with Tenten's new weapons. That is not even getting to the full-power Juubi described by Kurama the are already hinting planetary feats.

Korosensei: How has this not been mentioned yet? So many hints about his true form alone he is already a stated planet buster, seemingly casual. His speed is the only real limit but again we have seen hints that he may have another form. Hell even when practically bathed in his weakness and assaulted from all sides he pulls through. We have seen no stamina limit for him either, he has not even gotten serious so far, I can really see Korosensei rising up to the top in terms of power, for now his speed is what kills him, mach 20 is not impressive in today's top shounen, he should still solo at least one of the HST though, given the proper scenario.

DBZ: Going by the new movie/series and the fact that Bills, the weakest god, was a casual multiplanet busting and at max he was said to be a galaxy buster.

One Piece, we have not seen any of the Strawhats get pushed to the limit yet, people like Garp are continent busters already, Blackbeard's crazy hax and the other emperors, Kizaru's speed, and Akainu new abilities as Fleet Admiral.

Golden Time

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Kurohige? I never thought I'd hear you hype Bleach to such a level. I agree! I've agreed all along. With Bleach there was always a pattern and sometimes you had to read between the lines to guess where Kubo was going. Indeed in the last few dozen chapters there's Medaka level hax just on smaller scales and planet level hype. I Don't think it will be above Toriko EOS but it's possible that it could temporarily surpass it, like everyone was saying Natuto did with Bleach.
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Also DBZ it looks like the gods may be easily galaxy level and Whis maybe universe level. So get ready for the DBZ fanboys.

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@nishi99: To be fair the DBZ fanboys are understandable, I mean when you look at the show and the promotions it got, Goku was hyped up to be the strongest character there is, he gave hope and motivations to people. Dragon Ball Z's influence and impact on the anime media in Japan, the US and many other parts of the world is something no other anime has been able to do so far. Even anime magazines had Goku listed as the strongest anime character, keep in mind this is a list that contained Doreamon and Seiya. As for debated well that is attributed to the anime and manga as well. In the series DBZ has always been about power level, if someone with a power level of 800 could blow up the moon then it was a no-brainer that anyone with a power level equivalent or higher could do the same. If Vegeta blew up the planet with two fingers with a power level of 1,800 then anyone with a higher power level than him at the time can do the same (Including characters like Yamcha, Chaiouzu, ect.) it was just the way things were in DBZ and it was always excepted within the universe, nobody in DBZ ever won a fight without using something with a higher power level, so I can see why people believe Goku could universe bust by the end of the series. Within that universe when a character was stated to be able to blow up the universe, that was the power the had, there was no such thing as hyperbole or NLF. Now don't get me wrong, a LOT of DBZ claims and theories have long sense been debunked and even power levels are considered pointless to use in almost any site with DBZ debates hence why Goku has sat at a solid casual multi-planet buster for years. Look at it from their perspective; nobody in DBZ or any media containing it even debunked anything, and not all fans of shounen frequent the internet forums for intellectual debates hence why you will see comments on Youtube suggesting Naruto vs Goku, Luffy vs Wolverine Ussop vs Bullseye ect. Fights that seem one-sided or silly to use are awesometo other people, even shonen Jump promotes stuff like that by having matchups like One PieceXDBZ and Ryotsu the destroyer vs Freiza. All in all, it's annoying but I don't get as frustrated as I used to, it's understandable, and honestly if DBZ demonstrated half as much of the ability they stated to have DBZ characters would win a large majority of the fights I see them in. Just think of some of the most absurd claims made for Goku then make them reality, you would then have a Goku that is as strong as he was hyped in the show. That being said hopefully the new movies/series demonstrated more power than statements.

@taichokage: I love Bleach, I just think that their battle are more favored if they have some sort of advantage like prep and knowledge, that is when a lot of great feats come into play, they just don't have a lot in the way of durability and speed, at least compared to other HST, however all they ned is asingle speed boost (Ichigo will likely do) and they can rise to the top, throw in the unseen bankai and Sternritter abilities and you have one OP verse, that is actually the main reason the JJBA verse is so powerful, hax and FTL characters, that's it. Other than Star Platinum, Crazy Diamond, and The World, there are not other Stands with significant power or durability. Hell, we have not even seen Youruichi, Ganju, Urahara, Ukitake, Shunsui, Chad, most Lieutenants, and the return of Tsukishima and co. and that is only counting some of the allies and non of the villains like Aizen. Bleach has always been either in the middle or the top of the HST before Toriko and I can easily see it re-claiming that place.

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@Kurohige: I understand that through power level and power scale that they should be at least star level by the Buu saga. I just like too mess with people who think DBZ is the strongest verse ever.

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One Punch Man, mark my works.

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