What chances does Naruto have over Tobi? And how will he win?

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Hmm, I wonder...

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Me too. He will most likely have to learn something either along the lines of genjutsu or something that affects space/time just to affect Tobi.
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madara get's a kunai in the knee

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80% chance of beating him. 51% of that is because he's the main character and it's not a situation where the battle seems like it's actually someone else's time to shine ie him and Sasuke vs Orochimaru in the Forest of Death.

The other 29% is because the Kyuubi seemingly has something up his sleeve and is potentially about to give him insane level powers. My fingers are crossed for 4-6 tail mode but still in human form and the ability to do everything we've seen the Kyuubi do and Naruto do.

20% is missing because they showed that Sasuke is making his way to the battlefield and we don't really know what his gameplan is.

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