Weekly Query: Pokemon vs. Digimon

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Pokemon was fun but kinda braindead. In digimon they did a much better job in flesing-out the characters and I also liked that parts of the story took place in the real world; as a kid I used to imagine that digimon were real.
They were both great shows IMO, can't we leave it at that?
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@hitsusatsu11 said:
" Both are good "
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Considering the monsters actually have characterization beyond "I'M THE CUTE ONE" or "I'M GOING TO DISOBEY ORDERS" due to the fact that they can actually speak, I'm going to go with Digimon. 

 Meowth excluded
 Meowth excluded
Also it had an actual plot, but you know, whatever.
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Gonna have to go with pokemon!
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It's A tie!
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I tried to get into Digimon as a kid and never could, but I still love the original run of Pokémon.
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i enjoyed a few  digimon series alot more that the pokemon series due to the fact  that every episode of pokemon runs like previous ones.whatever is shown in season one will repeat itself in the future seasons  in some form. random fights ,badges, leaguem same running jokes.
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I really liked Season 1 of Digimon, and was disappointed that they changed characters. 
So if it was Season 1 vs, it would be Digimon, but otherwise, I like them both.
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For me they both have their advantages... however currently I'm preferring Digimon, the reason for that is because they try different thing. Pokemon has pretty much done the same thing since it started. They have had a few small changes every now and then but still pretty much exactly the same. I like that they focus on Ash as the main character so there isn't any learning alot of new main characters. They introduce lots of interesting things but never follow on them, one of them being Aura and ash able to use it. It would be nice if the new things digimon tried lasted abit longer then one season... Also not a really big fan of all the digimon having that 'MON'  in their name, seems very restricking when it comes to naming...
~Final conclusions~
They are both epic series and be nice to actually see a crossover friendly or collision, either of them could be epic encounter. Digimon is better until pokemon actually does something new and sticks to it.
Post by Jedted (5 posts) See mini bio Level 3

Digimon!  I never did get into Pokemon myself. 
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When Digimon first came out I thought that it was a Pokemon rip off but apparently it came out at the same time or maybe even earlier than Pokemon in japan. Despite thinking that it was a rip off I instanly  liked it more b/c it was darker and compared to it Pokemon felt boring and since it was episodic story didn't seem to go anywhere. Ofcourse Pokemon has arguably been more succesful  with it's games and all but since I'm not a big fan of games I prefer Digimon .
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Pokemon all the way.  
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pokemon is much better!!
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I prefer Digimon.
Pokemon use the same plot in all seasions...its boring
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hmmm, i'd have to go with digimon. while many say they prefer pokemon for the games, i'll say i prefer digimon for it's games. Digimon Adventures on ps1 was a superb game, in my opinion. It was hard( for me at the time, at least) but very satisfying and just plain fun too(whoe doesn't want to play digicurling with a penguin?). The digimon anime is also a lot better than pokemon(only taking in account the first seasons, haven't followed the later ones). while pokemon has more memorable characters(and monsters), digimon had a much better story and thus more incentive to watch all the episodes instead of just randomly watching an ep when it happens to be on tv. Almost all pokemon's episodes felt the same. 
I've recently started watching the digimon episodes for real but the english dub is horrible so i'm watching some more interesting stuff now. (a pm with where i can find subbed JP eps would be greatly appreciated ;D) 
I do prefer the pokemon world. It just seems to make more sense and feels more natural. 
pokemon also wins in the TCG. I've never played the digimon TCG cause it seemed uninteresting. the pokemon TCG was great! I played some battle again last year, too bad I don't know many people who appreciate it. 
in short, digimon > pokemon in eps and games but pokemon has better 'atmoshpere' imo.
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Pokemon use the same plot in all seasions...its boring 

pokemon as well
Post by MohsinMan99 (1,777 posts) See mini bio Level 21
Digimon by a large margin.....
Though, I must admit it was Pokemon that started it all for me and frankly I simply can't resist competitive battling and the GAMES......
Also Mewtwo......
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Pokemon Anime: Shitty to no actual story, no character development(they seem very lifeless), animation is under average(not much detail), quality in general is low
Digimon Anime: Dark & sorta heavy story, big character development(age, height, personality, etc), animation is good a lot of detail but not enough movement, quality in general is very good!
I am a big Digimon fan and here is one big fact Pokemon came out a year before Digimon, BUT as Pocket Monsters in Japan. The next year that summer in Japan Digimon came out as a manga. I used to be a fan of Pokemon and I am still a fan of Digimon, I have done my research and it actually seems like Pokemon has taken for ideas from Digimon more than the other way around(I have been told by others that Pokemon is more of a knock off Monster Rancher). In fact if you even dare call Digimon a knock off it would probably be a knock off of Tamagatchi. Even tho it just came from the same concept and is made by the same people!
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@sora_thekey said:

" @Kelleth said:

" @Newten:  Pokémon 649. Digimon I dunno but waaaaaaaaaaaay to many sub species "
Yeah! If you count the sub species there would be around 1000 Digimon, especially since every Digimon has an 'X' species. (There's an Agumon and an AgumonX) The X species is a like an evil variation... That's why I said over 500. I didn't count the X species.  As for my personal preference, I like Digimon over Pokemon. The first two seasons certainty showcased characters I truly care for. The third and 5th seasons were able to do the same thing. The Pokemon series does a good job in focusing on Ash but after investing TLC to the other characters in the first season and then having them change without an actual closure to like Digimon did was something I couldn't get on-board with! "
The reason why there are so many Digimon is b/c the later concept was a card game
and for anime I found series 4 to be the highest quality in story and action I swear it had the most powerful story I have seen in a Digimon anime(Like fucking Tekken 4) Tamers was awesome but it's dub quality was bad and Data Squad was the worst dub of an anime I have ever seen in an anime ever it made want to shove a chainsaws up my ass then turn it on so it can scramble my insides first, I felt horrible that it was counted as an anime & even worse that it was part of Digimon  Fuck you Disney for ruining a good anime by dubbing it D:
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@AgumonKid: Disney didn't dub it. It was Fox. Now Disney just broadcasts it.
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