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Welcome to Vice TV, the number one source of entertainment in the entire civilized world today. Vice TV brings you the best, and funniest clips from across the internet that have to do with anime, Japanese culture, and otakuism. I have for you a special treat today, a special Gundam treat. Yazan as Dirk Dastardly? This can only end well. Sit down, relax, and enjoy this week’s Vice TV.

Gundam Wacky Racers: Have you ever wondered who would win if Gundam characters, and miniature Gundams themselves decided to race against each other in cars instead of giant robots? Of course you haven’t. But I can assure you this is better that Gundam 00’s second season.

Gundam Wacky Racers Part II: GOD IS MEAN!!!

Hatsune Miku in Spore: This is just creepy, but epic. It’s as if some monster crawled into Miku’s skin and is now living her life as an otaku idol. A++ would fap again.

Yum! 3D K-On!: Here is a nice little MAD featuring the girls from K-On! singing the opening song “Kagayake! GIRLS”. Tsumugi is still cute, and will continue to be cute no matter if she was 2D, 3D, 4D, or a stick drawing.

Original Mazinger Z OP with Kanjite Knight: I know you have been dreaming to see the original Mazinger Z opening, but with Shin Mazinger Shōgeki! Z-Hen’s opening song “Kanjite Knight”. It actually works out fantastically, as if it was always meant to be. God I love this song.

ZOMG Gundam’s Are Real: No, they aren’t real, they are just side show freaks at amusement parks. If I was a kid and I saw this I think I would cry. This is Gundam, not Do-Nothing-Dam.

Nanairo no NicoNico Douga: Here is the new NicoNico Douga medley by Shimo. This is a collection of popular songs from video games, anime, Vocaloid, 2ch, and anything else Japanese otaku can get there hands on. I don’t recognize a lot of these songs, but I will after watching this a bunch of times. Part 2 hasn’t been uploaded on to youtube yet, sorry. But you can download the entire song here.

Keroro in Super Robot Wars: Wow, talk about a perfect match, Keroro Gunso needs to be in a Super Robot Wars game now. NOW!

Random Video of the Week
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I totally agree that Keroro should be in Super Robot wars and Ronald and Super Sentai XD
That Gundam is cool even though its useless lol.
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Those noises coming from Miku... =O

Also nothing beats the original Kumikyoku... *totally knows it by heart&
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Excellent. This post's power level is maximum. You've outdone yourself Len!

And yes, that was better than the second season of 00, lol.

The Kagayake Girls video was made with the same program as whatever that Miku Hatsune dancer program thing is called... it's actually pretty easy and fun to use.

Shimo has a new song!? I can't wait for the inevitable vocal compilation version. Do-dai, Night of Knights, A Septette for the Dead Princess, Bad Apple!, The Hello Windows mix, my word...he's got all the new ones and even some meme worthy ones I haven't heard of!

Also that Hammertime was pretty cool.

The coolest video I've seen today though is still this:

EDIT: After listening to the full version of Shimo's new song, it even has Don't say Lazy!
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nice panty shot there on Miku.

Also, since seeing "Tranzor Z" on TV when I was a kid, I have always wante a jetpack that comes when I call it.

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The second song and video from the NicoNico douga vid (Heavenly Star) is from the awesome wii game "No More Heroes". I had honestly competely forgotten that was in the game until I saw this.
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Vice TV eh? Bring on more Hammer pants type videos and you get my full support.
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The hammer pants vid was awesome.

I hope to join a flashmob one day...


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